Scholarship Coaching: Students or Parents Interested?

Hi, gang. Thanks for visiting this page. Like the title says, I’m looking to gauge student and parent interest in a scholarship-coaching program. The articles on this site provide a lot of information, but for some people they just don’t go far enough — they want a bit more personalized service. I think, anyway.

I promise not to throw a chair at you.

So, to that end, I put up this page to see if any of you might be interested in such a thing. It won’t be free, but it won’t be expensive, either. I’m sticking by those two things. (Free would draw way too many students and be a tremendous drag on resources, and of course if it’s too expensive, no one will sign up in the first place). In any case, the most important thing is that you get good value for your money, so I’d like to know what, exactly, you think would be worth your money.

I’ve jotted some items down below that are basically right off the top of my head. They’re just ideas, but I’d love your feedback to let me know whether I’m on the right track or not.

Anyway, if you’re interested, just enter your name and email below (I don’t sell them or rent them out or anything like that, I promise).

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Here are some things I was thinking about off the top of my head that could theoretically be included in a coaching program:

  1. Video & Audio broadcasts of some kind. I can shoot my own videos, if I know what you wanna see me talk about, etc. More on the audio in item 3.
  2. Real-time chats with me (I was thinking a couple hours once a week, maybe Friday afternoons, where you can ask me anything you want real time)
  3. Skype calls (live or recorded. Probably recorded. But maybe live). I can’t exactly open up a live phone line because there are too many of you who visit the site and most of you wouldn’t get through (unfortunately, I do not have operators standing by!). But I could arrange a call with a member of the coaching group who wanted to do one, record it, and post it as a podcast on the iTunes store, on the site, etc.
  4. Reading, editing and giving you feedback on your essays is probably something you’d be interested in too, I imagine.

But hey, this is just off the top of my head. You let me know what you’d like to see — and honestly, what you’d be willing to pay for. I sorta use the Wall Street Journal’s subscription price as my model — $14.95/month or something like that. We’re talking about people who need scholarships here, so I know it can’t be anywhere near expensive to make it work for everyone.


“Judge Josh”

3 thoughts on “Scholarship Coaching: Students or Parents Interested?”

  1. Charnae' Clark

    I am interested in something that will help me become a pediatric nurse. I know my parents would be interested in coaching something to help as well

  2. Kristin Watson

    Hi! If you did assemble a program that would give students like my self feed back on our essays I would be willing to pay a fee and participate.

  3. Kristin’s essay feedback idea is a great one, also help in navigating & narrowing down available scholarships. In addition, understanding the services avail to those with financial need who are applying to college: 2 free ACT’s per student, free college app fee waivers from College Board – which sometimes also cover an entrance fee… there is a lot we have dug up but it has been extremely time consuming!

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