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Like I said, I’m still working on putting something together in the way of a coaching program, and thanks a lot for your interest. In the meantime, there’s plenty of stuff to check out on this site that you may not have seen yet, so have at it while I piddle around in my lab.

You know what I’d really love to hear? Your SUGGESTIONS about what you’d like to see in a coaching program. It’s important to me that you get your money’s worth (a program like this absolutely can’t be expensive, or no one will join; but it also can’t be completely free, either, because it’ll take considerable work and time away from my business and family).

Here are some things I was thinking about off the top of my head that could theoretically be included in a coaching program:

  1. Video & Audio broadcasts of some kind. I can shoot my own videos, if I know what you wanna see me talk about, etc. More on the audio in item 3.
  2. Real-time chats with me (I was thinking a couple hours once a week, maybe Friday afternoons, where you can ask me anything you want real time)
  3. Skype calls (live or recorded. Probably recorded. But maybe live). I can’t exactly open up a live phone line because there are too many of you who visit the site and most of you wouldn’t get through (unfortunately, I do not have operators standing by!). But I could arrange a call with a member of the coaching group who wanted to do one, record it, and post it as a podcast on the iTunes store, on the site, etc.
  4. Reading, editing and giving you feedback on your essays is probably something you’d be interested in too, I imagine.

But hey, this is just off the top of my head. You let me know what you’d like to see — and honestly, what you’d be willing to pay for. I sorta use the Wall Street Journal’s subscription price as my model — $14.95/month or something like that. We’re talking about people who need scholarships here, so I know it can’t be anywhere near expensive to make it work for everyone.


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