Recession Relief Scholarship

More and more people worldwide are finding it harder to afford to go to college because they’re in debt. Many students work full-time, get financial aid and if they are lucky, grants. Even so, they’re still in debt, and they can’t seem to get out of debt regardless of how hard they try. That’s why we created the Get Out of Debt Scholarship.

We give four $500 annual awards to help students hampered by debt to continue their studies, and you can apply online now. We created the award in 2003 as a once-a-year award, but based on the number of great applications we’ve received, we now grant four awards. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be attending or planning to attend a college, trade school, technical institute, vocational program or other post-secondary education program in the 2006-2007 academic year.
If today’s date is between: The current deadline is:
April 15 – July 15 July 15
July 16 – October 15 October 15
October 16 – January 15 January 15
January 16 – April 14 April 14

The $500 Recession Relief Scholarship are being offered in honor of all the people who simply need a little help with their higher education bill due to credit card and other debt. $500 may or may not keep you out of debt consolidation or credit counseling, but it certainly can’t hurt. Good luck to all applicants!

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  1. Sabrina Denouden

    I am trying very hard to not leave my four year education at University in debt but it seems inevitable. If I could get this scholarship it would help me out profusely with the goal of not having debt in the end.

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