Who Is Eligible For The Teacher Scholarships?

Good question. While many future teachers are pursuing an education degree — because their state requires they hold one in order to get a teaching job — that’s not a requirement for our Teacher Scholarships. If your goal is to get a job as a teacher of children or adults, then you may apply for this scholarship.

It doesn’t matter if it’s elementary, junior high, high school, college or other post-secondary teaching; public or private, U.S. or international. We believe that excluding some teaching programs while including others wouldn’t be fair, because all programs serve a unique purpose.

In the end, if you think there’s some reason to doubt that we’d consider your application, just explain in your essay why you think you should be eligible. We’re reasonable and unprejudiced — just make your case, and your application will likely be considered along with everyone else’s.

Someone’s bound to ask: What if I’m planning on becoming a teacher, then I receive the scholarship, then I change my mind? In this case, we employ private detectives to hunt you down and take the money back. Just kidding! If you have sincere intentions of becoming a teacher, then you’re welcome to apply. If you change your mind later on — well, you’re only human. We all change our mind sometimes. No big deal.

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9 thoughts on “Who Is Eligible For The Teacher Scholarships?”



  2. I would be honored to be considered as the recipient of this scholarship. I know I could really use the money, especially now that I am in my junior year of college in the education major.

  3. Teaching is more than getting the material across to students. It is an opportunity to mold the young minds that will one day lead us into a brighter future. I want to work with high school students
    and help them to understand English and all its glory.

  4. Elmer G. Doronila, IV

    I am a Mathematics Teacher of 4th, 5th and 6th grade fast learners. I want to be pursue my Master of Teaching Mathematics. I hope you will consider my application.. Thanks for taking time to read it.

  5. Janet Jefferson

    I am currently in graduate school working towards my Master of Arts in education. I have been inspired to help young people to learn and foster positive character growth. This scholarship would greatly assist me financially (living expenses) while I am in school. I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

  6. I’ve just been accepted into a Master degree program in Educational Technology! I would like to have a scholarship (or several) to cover the cost of the program and living expenses while studying. I have been living very cheaply in a camper through my just completed Bachelor degree program, and have a lot of debt from school loans. Considering a Master’s degree involves more debt, so please send me a scholarship!

  7. I just applied for the minority scholarship with a teaching ethic in mind in my essay answer. Didn’t even see this until afterward! Haha! I wonder if I can apply for both since my intentions lie between concerns for both fields?

  8. It is a great pleasure for me to find out there is a possility to be granted a scholarship for a master degree in teaching.
    I’m strngly interested in it. It has always been a dream for me to teach and I do believe you will help me to get this scholarship to enforce my knowledges in this domain.
    Thanks a lot!

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