What counts as a Minority?

Good question. For the purposes of the StraightForward Media Minority Scholarship, minority is defined as having membership in a racial or ethnic minority group historically disadvantaged within the context of the United States. The most common members of these groups are Black/African American students, Hispanic/Latino/Chicano students, Asian students and Native American/American Indian/Eskimo students.

Exceptions? We anticipate two frequent questions: 1) I am male, and men are a gender minority in the U.S. May I apply?; and 2) I am a Caucasian female. Am I considered a minority, and therefore may I apply? The answer to both these questions is no; however, the good news is, there are plenty of other scholarships you’re eligible for.

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11 thoughts on “What counts as a Minority?”

  1. You know what, older POOR white females are minorities and we are always over looked and poor whites are always ignored, especially old poor white femail students.
    We are discriminated against for our age and social status.

  2. What about homeschooled students, I feel like a minority with how much society relies on public schooling.

  3. Shirley Hinman

    My daughter, a caucasian, is almost out of money! She will be
    an “independent student” in Graduate school. With her undergrad.
    major of Philosophy/Religious Studies she knew she would have to
    go to Grad. school to become a Counselor. Any advice on scholarships she can get with these qualifications at the Grad. level
    in an accredited private school? Please let me know a.s.a.p.

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