What Counts As Medical Professions?

Good question. Obviously physicians (current and prospective) of any kind are included here, but so are technicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, therapists, etc. We know that we’re not aware of every single type of health professional out there, so we can’t provide a comprehensive list of what does and doesn’t constitute a “health professional.”

In the end, if you think there’s some reason to doubt that we’d consider your educational program to fit into the category of “health professional,” just explain in your essay why you think it is. We’re reasonable and unprejudiced with respect to different career fields, and if you think your chosen occupation is a health professional, then we’ll probably think so, too. Just make your case, and your application will likely be considered along with everyone else’s.

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6 thoughts on “What Counts As Medical Professions?”

  1. Do you consider Medical Insurance coding and billing a medical profession to recieve this type of scholarship for?

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