Who is Dale Fridell?

Dale Fridell was the grandfather of StraightForward Media CEO Josh Barsch. Dale was born in 1918 on a family farm in Denton, KS. He had seven brothers and sisters and grew up knowing that for the family to run smoothly, everyone had to do their part. He carried that ethic with him his entire life, recognizing that when each of us makes a contribution, whether in a family, the work place or the world, all of us benefit.

Dale served his country for seven years during World War II. College wasn’t an option for him, but he would have done well at it, as he did in all things he set his mind to. He was married and raised a family and contributed to society in a number of ways; running a service station/café with his wife, participating in Boy Scouts with his son and serving in many community organizations with his family and friends.

Dale was a man who didn’t have to be asked to help out; he was always one step ahead in offering his assistance. In his later years, he developed Alzheimer’s disease, but he fought to retain his dignity until he couldn’t fight any longer. He left his wife, children and grandchildren a legacy of honesty, love and kindness. It’s because of this that the Dale E. Fridell Scholarship was created in his memory.

5 thoughts on “Who is Dale Fridell?”

  1. Jennifer Joy Alexander

    Dear Fridell Family,

    Thank you for sharing the life’s work of Fred Fridell. His story of genuine caring and forethought is to me, a great example of truly living life to the fullest.


    Jennifer Joy Alexander

  2. Wow, as early as it is this morning, I still have learned on my day off!! That is a wonderful story about the life and times of Fred Fridell. There should be more caring people around today since LO

  3. Nicole Schloetzer

    Dale Fridell is someone who people can refer to as a “TRUE American”… it seems it is hard to come by these nowadays. It is always reassuring to read about people who knew what it takes to build a strong family, and do what is best… no matter the circumstances. He sounds like he was an amazing man who went out with dignity.

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