College Scholarships from Outlaw Student

formerly StraightForward Media Scholarships offers a variety of different $500 scholarships to students every year. You may recognize these programs: from 2003 to early 2010, they were known as the StraightForward Media Scholarship Programs. We’ve now separated them from our advertising agency website and implemented them under the banner of the Outlaw Student site.

Each of our scholarship programs is open to both American and international students, and we offer scholarships to attendees of four-year colleges, two-year and community colleges, vocational and technical schools.

Unless otherwise noted, all scholarships awards are $500 and are given four times per year.

We maintain separate websites for most of our scholarships, and you can find links to each below and in the navigation bar above.

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    This is a very good thing although in Uganda very few people know about the existence of such scholarships. Ugandans are very interested in reading books and research although we have a problem of funds.

  2. I have a quick question, maybe someone has an answer for me.

    How do you know which scholarships are legitimate, and not completely a bunch of bologna?

    I’ve looked at a few sites, and one of them is even listed above. HOWEVER, I was curious, so I googled “ legit” and several sources say that it is just a way for a company to get my information and sell it to other companies so they can spam me about a bunch of non-relating information. (By the way, I’m talking about the first link,
    It takes you to a page, and you click the first link that takes you to the site I’m talking about. Anyhow, they say that it isn’t so “legit.” So back to my question, how do you know which is okay, and which isn’t?

    Also, I’d like to ask again if that first link is okay. I’m really liking this Web site, and it’s helping me a lot, very fabulous advice. I’m a High School Senior right now, and I’m looking into scholarships, as I’ve picked what college I want to go to, and I still have to apply for there, I’m hoping it works out! But most of all, I’m trusting this site a lot. So, do I dare apply for these scholarships?

    Thank you.

    1. Never used this site so I don’t know if it works. I hope it does because I really want to go to college.

  3. kindly try to inform me how to apply in a scholarship and i am in need of details because i would be very much grateful if you do so lastly am from SUDAN (south sudan)

  4. These are rad scholarships. I’m going to assume, since they came from a real-live scholarship judge’s website, that they’re legit and that a judge, of all people, wouldn’t try to scam me.

  5. According to my own analysis, thousands of people in the world get loans from well known banks. So, there’s good possibilities to get a small business loan in every country.

  6. I understand being discouraged with the scholarship process. I have been applying for scholarships for more that 20 years-beginning with an underpriveleged childhood, through single parenthood, loss of a partner, recovery from a brain tumor…well, you get the picture. I have poured my heart out, writing about my goals, my successes, my perseverence, my excellent grades, the many obstacles, etc.- without ever receiving a single scholarship. I doubt that I will receive one at this point, since I have my MS degree Psychology and Counseling, specializing in Addiction Recovery and Criminal Rehabilitation, however my student loans are astronomical. All this to help people for barely enough money to live on! Since being laid off over a year ago due to funding cuts in social services, I can’t even find a job! However, I continue my studies and volunteer work to add to my knowledge and experience and hope that someday what I have done will mean something.

    1. Hello. You really sound down in the dumps. Don’t be discouraged because apparently something hasn’t gone the way you wanted. You have a solid education. Seems like to me, you should have a little more faith in yourself than in finding others to hand you something.

      Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with applying for scholarships and other money out there. However, when you are handed lemons…make lemonade.

      Do you have any idea how much support you could/would get agreeing to work in rural areas in the medical field or educational field? If not, I think you should really look into it. What about starting your own practice. There are grants out there for that as well. Also, have you applied to teach at elementary schools, high schools, community colleges or colleges/universities on line?

      Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are way ahead of so many others. All you have to do is get up, dust yourself off and be on your merry way πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, don’t whine about being in debt and unable to find a job. Just squeeze it into lemonade. You’ve got it made bro, why you being a bitch? Just because you didn’t get what you wanted ( you know, making a mediocre income while helping others). doesn’t mean you get the right to complain about it. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps or some other sterotypical right wing BS saying.

    2. I’m not trying to sound mean or anything so please do not take this the wrong way. I would suggest you make sure in your essays that you are not sounding whiny at all and make sure to make it sound original and not just another sob story; they get those all the time.

  7. ranjeet prasad

    hello i am ranjeet i am interested in science study from childhood i want to become astronomers so i have not a enough money to do engineering if any schlorships are available please contact me i shall be highly thank full to you
    from india(new delhi)

  8. hello i am ranjeet i am interested in science study from childhood i want to become astronomers so i have not a enough money to do engineering if any schlorships are available please contact me i shall be highly thank full to you
    from india(new delhi)

  9. Rana Athar Latif

    hello i am Rana Athar Latif i am interested in science study from childhood i want to become Electrical Engineer so i have not a enough money to do engineering if any schlorships are available please contact me i shall be highly thank full to you
    From Pakistan (multan

  10. Lennox Matsinde

    hi, i’m Lennox Matsinde. I’m currently in my last year of high school in Zimbabwe(Africa). I’d like to major in computer engineering and would really appreciate any help regarding scholarship opportunities that may be available to me. Please contact me if you can in any way help me out.

    1. DeVry University gives you one for being from another country if you attend their college. You can take online classes from there.

  11. Mohamed Mussa

    hello, am havin a Diploma of Account from a College of Buziness Education in my country Tanzania,, am willing to continue my Bachelor degree but am not financially well, so am seeking a Scholarship, please can U help me find one of any Scholarships so as i can continue with my studies,
    Thank you in advance

  12. Hi…All,I am happy that we join and find schoolarship. I do not understand what is shoolarship? Who can support schoolarship to us? If we do not hav finance,how can we contiune our study?

    Thank for ur reply

  13. Tennen B Dalieh

    I am a victim of divorced home,and I am aspiring to do education so as to build the lives of children that are affected or have been affected.
    Is it possible for a scholarship to be awarded a person to attend school in their country

  14. ConcernedParents

    Good morning,
    I read your column of practical advice regularly. Thank you for this useful information.

    I have a question: My daughter, a 30 yr old US citizen, has been accepted into a Canadian university (it falls under the FAFSA scheme, so she is eligible for a Stafford Loan). However, this does not cover her living costs for the year, which she has to prove in order to get the Canadian study permit. She herself has no savings at all. She has been advised to try for the Sallie Mae or Chase private loans. Does she need a US/Canadian co-signer? We, as her parents are retired, living in Europe and do not have the financial means to help her at all. We are unable to obtain a bank loan here either, due to our age (we are both over 65). She will only be allowed to work off campus after 6 months of studies. The problem therefore is “merely” to obtain sufficient in loans for the Study Permit to be granted and for her to survive for the first 6 months (I believe this is an amount of $20 000) – We would hate her to lose this opportunity of completing her studies!

    Your advice would be most welcome! (We are not US citizens, but live in Europe).

  15. Thank you,
    This is the right way to help many students who want to continue theirs studies, but they do not have educational financial support from anywhere and I am among these students.You are the best among others ,I am telling you.I searched for many years ago this kind of scholarship that means for International student living outside of North America,Europe.I am living in Africa.I would like to say thank you once again for your support.Even essays it is fantastic!

  16. Ella Puspita Siregar

    thank you for your article
    well, I have a problem with my school…
    I wan to study abroad like America or in Europe
    but,my financial is not enough
    I have searched the site or article of my problem….
    but until now I cannot answer…
    now I’m eleventh grade….
    so what should I do????
    thanks before

  17. hi
    i am a Jordanian guy living and working in Jordan i am looking for a scholarship in English language literature i have completed my MA from Bombay university in 1994 i will be grateful to anyone who will help me in this issue .
    thanks to everyone

  18. Rachel Richardson

    I apply for every scholarship I can find.I be up very late looking for scholarship.I don’t want no more loan. I work hard to find scholarshipand apply for than.

  19. I am a Grandmother of eight and appreciate that their is a scholarship program such as this, and people who care enough to help.

  20. This is just a start to what can and will be a positive journey in helping you to reach your goals and if you keep your eyes on the things you want to accomplish, life will be all that you want for you and your family.

  21. Michael Spitler

    Who knows what happens next… All I know is:

    Veni, vedi, visa. I came. I saw. I did a little shopping. πŸ™‚

  22. i am just praying and looking forward to winning so i can go to school.i don’t like being in the house just like that at all it makes me feel ”useless” and sad.i believe this will work for me.

  23. Thank you for opening up these scholarships for all of us who hope to go to college or finish college. Even if I don’t win, know that you all are appreciated. πŸ™‚

  24. I am excited about the opportunity to apply to so many scholarships. Good luck to all of those who are applying to scholarships offered by Outlaw (Straight Forward Media). May God bless all of you in pursuing your educational goals.

  25. I followed the link you gave me to register my application for the scholarship ( Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarship ) and the drawing but it simply takes me back to this page and does not show any form of conformation for my applications…

    Please can someone help ?


    1. I suggest you learn how to type without it all being in capital letters and quit with the sob story; every one has one. Good luck though, especially with your siblings, that is an admirable thing you are doing looking after them.

  27. hopefullly i get enoughfin money for to attend college.
    i pray that i win enought scholarships because my parents have no financial plan for me. πŸ™

  28. This is an amazing site and I hope to win the scholarships! Without it, The Art Institute might not be possible. I’m working extremely hard to recieve great education to achieve my professional goals.

  29. I am having difficulty in applying for the scholarships, I applied to one the Dale E. Fridell scholarship, after that I tried applying to others but it leaves me on a page saying “error, you have already subscribed and verified your subscription.” can anyone help me?

  30. I am 17years old and I attend University of Nevada, I was kicked out of my classes because I could not pay the rest of my tuition. I would greatly appreciate and will use this money to finish my education. Please I am asking could you please let me receive this scholarship, Thank you.

  31. first i just wanna say thank you for considering me and please take wat i wrote to heart cause i need this scholar.

  32. I click on the above links and get sent to the ‘sign up’ page but I then receive the error message: Our records indicate that you are already subscribed to this list and have verified your subscription.

    How do I get to the application? Thanks

  33. It would be really nice to recive this scholorship. Every little bit counts. Please consider picking me to recieve the scholorsip i am an outstanding person and wish to recieve it. Thanks for even considering me as an applicant.

  34. Can i i get a sponsor who can assist me to complete my undergraduate studies in Mount Kenya University in Nairobi where i was taking my degree in law up to June this year when i dropped out because of lack of finances

  35. Moses L. Bellamy

    i live homeless. i have a roof over my head and no running water or AC living in Arizona. going to Arizona Automotive Institute. i some how manage to carry a 4.0 despite the conditions of my situation and having no family living here to help. everything is turning into more of a struggle . i can see it is starting to effect my attendance in school as well as my performance… i believe i would be very successful when i complete the combination welding program.. 4 more months left to go… Feb 28th is my graduation…

  36. hey! I’ve just seen this program pliz help me to get the scholsrship I really want to continue with ma studies only that Malawi’s economy can fit poeple like as.

  37. Thank you for your reply. I will be very happy if you will give me a chance to be one of your scholars. I really want to continue my studies and the only solution I have now is to become one of your scholars. I am begging for your kindness. I really need your support. Please do help me. I promise to do best in my studies and promise to find way in paying you back.Again,thank you. I am looking forward for your reply. May God bless us all.

  38. First of all, I wanna thank you for implementing this scholarship. This is a great help for juvenile like us who wants to pursue our studies especially in College. Attaining a degree is a treasure not only for us but also for our family. Please help me. Thank you for kindness. I need your financial support for me to pursue my dreams. Thank you for helping me to achieve it. God bless you and more power to your site.

  39. it will really benefit me since my list of universites are so long and tuition is expensive but it doesn’t discourage. thanks for the confirmation link!!!!

  40. i hope my dreams will came true.i want to go back to school,iwant to study TOEF.iam at home doing nothin,no support.and ithink it will find me here in MALI.

  41. I feel very grateful to the management of scholarships, it was so meaningful for our students! If lucky to get a scholarship, I will be studying in the United States and to the educational environment most modern!
    Thanks you so much!

  42. HI i’m interested in the program and wish to be awarded scholarship
    I am a holder of GCE A’Levels with 24on25 points BIO ‘A’,PHY ‘B’ MATHS ‘A’ F MATHS ‘A’ CHEM ‘A’ .Due to financial problem i could not continue my education.
    i will be very grateful if you award me a scholarship of any kind

  43. Edah Hilda Amabel

    i pray that the scholarship will be awarded to me so-that i can go to the university to learn and to come out with a first-class in computer science.
    I will be grateful if you award me the scholarship,thanks and may God bless you.

  44. I am very grateful ll for the introduction of this scholarship program , which i strongly believe will help the poor and needy children have a bright future especially in third world countries.
    I sincerely thank the organization for extending the program to all part of the world.
    Above all I co mend the organization to continue it good work of fighting global poverty.
    Thank you.

  45. Just thank you! I couldn’t imagine that those programs really exist! I’m going to transfer into the U.S. university, major of Architecture, from Russian university. Here the word “support” sounds like the hollow hope…

  46. Ayichuru Fidelis

    How real is this scholarships issues and how many are beneficiaries of scholarships that can build in me the confidence and burning desire to belief in it.

  47. it will be of great contribution to me and my country when i get this scholarship.i am very hopefull i;ll get it.

    kind regards.

  48. first i say thanks your organization for giving scholarship opportunity specially for African students those how do not have income like me to learn and serve their country by there own professions.any way i am yared tadesse from Ethiopia i am 23 years old. i have bsc degree in rural development and family science with great GPA 3.45.i want to get msc in rural development and serve my poor country of i hope that you will consider my application at the first.
    email address

  49. Thank you very much! For giving me and other students this opportunity to receive this gift to suceed in our academic dreams!


    I hereby verify that i am not a spam and thank you for giving me this opportunity. You are great! All the best and keep me in touch.

  51. I am an Elementary Education student trying to fund my own education, and this scholarship would certainly help! …the future of your children will thank you πŸ™‚

  52. Gabriel Ken Malek

    I will be happy if you accept me for the scholarship to pursue my studies,so that i can help the people of my own country Sudan and i will appreciated.

  53. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to apply for this scholarship. I appreciate your good work and I hope to do same after graduation.

  54. With your help you can start my dreams off in a positive direction by selecting me, Britan Bolding, as your scholarship winner. I feel that the leadership rolls and volunteer work and the jobs that I have performed will help me to make good decision for our future. Please consider me Britan Bolding as your scholarship winner.


    I write to inform you of my interest in your program. I am a registered Nurse/Midwife of Nigeria. I possess a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Public Health Nursing. I have some years of working experience over and above my Nursing qualifications.
    I will appreciate if you send to me your application materials if I am suited for your postion.
    My mailing address is
    Box 1406
    Imo State
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours Sincerely,

  56. I have to attend college for eight years so this scholarship would be amazing to win!! I appreciate the chance to receive this scholarship.

  57. Thank you for this needed scholarship opportunity. Many like me are helpless these days and because of people like you, there is still hope.

  58. Thank you for even considering me as a scholarship winner. As an international student I have to pay out of my pocket,I have attend college for eight years so this scholarship would be amazing to win!! I appreciate the chance to receive this scholarship.

  59. hi im sarah im from morocco i took my bachalor’s in private moroccan law , i have my parents in chicago and i want to continue my masters in your university so may u advice me ?

  60. Dear Sir/Madam
    am a nurse from sierra leone, i really need this schoolship to study masters or Bse in nursing in your university, i will be grateful if my application is granted
    am looking forward awaiting your reply as early as it convienent to you

  61. dear sir madam
    i took my bachalor’s and i want to continue my master of law in your university i will be grateful if my application is granted
    im waiting your answer

  62. Newton Oriedo Ayiecha

    Thank for your great opportunity you are giving needy and deserving students. My desire to continue with my education now will have a relieve. God bless you

  63. I have my fingers crossed that I recieve this scholarship. I am in dior need of financial help! Thank you for the chance to apply!

  64. Thank you big time for the update. I would really appreciate if i got one scholarship. Thank you for the good work you are doing. God bless you

  65. I tried applying for the scholarship, but the website wouldn’t let me apply because I have applied in the past. The information related to the scholarship states that I can apply again. Is there a way to fix this?

  66. Stacey Rae Allen

    I’m so thrilled about this opportunity! It’s such a help that you guys make it so accessible. We love it! Thanks

  67. Michael Cadelina,jr.

    This is my first time applying on-line and I thank God for this site to have an opportunity to be one of the recipients to this scholarship program.

  68. Thank you for this great opportunity to apply for your scholarship. Your site was very easy to use. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.

  69. Immortality lies not in the things one has left behind but in the hearts of those whose lives he/she has touched. You touched the lives of many and as you continue to do so you remain alive in their daily lives. It is my prayer that I win this scholarship. May God bless you abundantly.

  70. Thank you for availing such a Life tie opportunity for those who can not yet you offer us hope to attain our dreams
    Helen Gertrude from Uganda

  71. mthandazo nsingo

    Thanks for initiating such noble ideas of empowering people.People in Zimbabwe have been disadvantaged by the socio-economic problems that have ravaged the educational system.Hence I believe that through the scholarshipswe will be able to rebuild the country….

  72. Reading these comments is sickening. You should all learn some English before leaving posts. And nobody cares if you thank Outlaw for the “opportunity.” You’re all ridiculous.

  73. Mensah Barimah Yaw

    I thank you for the opportunity I have had browsing your website.I am interested applying for the scholarship and would need all the kind assistance from you to obtain the scholarship to pursue a course of study in Rotterdam.
    Thank you.

  74. Thank you for giving me a chance to better my self and my education in order to achive my goals by attending college.

  75. Please notify me by e-mail as to information regarding my scholarship application submitted on February 26, 2011. I appreciate your consideration of me.

  76. Can someone please tell me how can I submit other applications once I have confirmed one on my email address? It says: You have been subscribed to this list – ERROR I cannot continue the applications. HELP!

  77. Cinthia Barajas

    Are undocumented students eligable to recieve rewards from these scholarship??? Someone please answer


  78. Hi, I’m Syane. I really want to have an online scholarship in Psychology field, especially in counselling area. I prefer the campus in Australia. Please let me know the info that I need as soon as possible. You can contact me at any time via my cell phone +6281381754323.

    Thank you,


  79. wamunyima kabali

    thanks so much for opportunity of its own looking forward for advise and encouragement to persue this course.


    First of all I would just like to thank you for giving me the chance to enter into your scholarship and possibly win this award. I have greatly enjoyed providing information to give you a preview of the type of person I am and who I can become. I hope that you enjoy my entries contents as much as I enjoyed providing them.

    Thank You
    Da Jshey Chatman

  81. I will turn thirty this summer in July. I have a beautiful fiancΓ©e and handsome son who turned one this year. My only goal is to support both of them. I have worked hard all my life and intend to do so in the future. But if I am going to give my family the future that I want them to have, I will need to further my education. In this goal I will need help. It will be hard on me to work and focus on a full course load. If I were to win this scholarship, I will focus more of my time on school and not have work so many hours. I have all the support at home, but could use some support in paying for college. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. This will help me pay for tuition, fees, books, and room and board.


  83. Scholarships like these help turn dreams into reality. Thanks Outlaw Student for being apart of those who believe in dreams.

  84. I hope people are really looking at us, our need and giving a chance for us to reach our dreams.

    Good luck to all of us, and thanks for this opportunity that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

  85. Hi, i just wanted to know when u register here for getting mails and all then are u automatically registered for all of the scholarship programs? because whenever i try to apply to one of the scholarships given above i get the message that you are already registered……….

  86. Sin Hye Lee(Cindy Lee)

    Good luck to everyone who applied the scholarship!
    and thanks for this opportunity that we couldn’t find anywhere else!

  87. These websites are amazing, they make it easy to apply. Plus they give others, who would rarely have a chance to apply, even win the scholarships.

  88. Raven Basnight

    Please notify me by e-mail in regards to the Dale E. Fridell Memorial scholarship! Thanks so much!

  89. still waiting the scholarship for master degree and waiting from this site too. i wish God give me the chance by sending his bless to me and to u all.amin

  90. I’m super excited and hope i get this scholarship, since money is super tight right now! Thank You and God Bless!

  91. Dear, sir/madam…
    I am, Habtemichael Aklil Meshesha , 24 years of age born in petite city of Northern Ethiopia in town of Yebokla, Who call for to in receipt of free scholarship. I have graduated on June, 18, 2008 getting Bachelor Degree (B.Sc Degree) in Engineering Faculty on Computer Science Department, from Gondar University, Ethiopia with CGPA 3.06, .I have extremely interested to advance my profession to make a payment on computer science. Thus, I am eager to upgrade my education to Masters Degree in Technology especially in computer science. Thus I believe that your institution can help me in success of my interest. I am waiting of your response towards me getting helps to overcome my dreams.

    Thank you for your consideration
    Best regards;
    Habtemichael Aklil Meshesha.

  92. Svetlana Cetlinski

    I really hope that this website can help me because I REALLY want to go to college. I’m from Russia–spent 6 years of my life there, actually. Then I came to the US.

  93. Its good and am sure winners do benefit. I want to get a scholarship for my masters degree in UK. Do i qualify here?

  94. i am aron yinabi from eritrea, i have got my bsc degree in nursing in th eyear 2011 with a gpa of 2.85. know i am in need of your financial help to study masters degree. i hope your organization to contribute effertfull and a greate job to realize my dreams.god bless u .thanks

  95. i am from punt-land Somalia, i am one of the pan African e Network project by Indian gov. i am the only Somali students participating this project from 2009 up to now.
    currently i am in my last semester i am busy preparation of my project, i study Bachelor of Science and Information Tech.

    all other Somali students failed first exam so they dropped so am alone but am genius and i am of the leaders of my classmates( Uganda, Rwanda,Botswana,Malawi) via pan African e Network project.

    please forward your response to:

  96. I cannot apply for the Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarship. I input my information, it says I am already subscribed, and then nothing. ??

  97. Hello please help in getting the scholarship my parents are poor and my uncle who was paying my university fee has died i am stuck in university i am unable to continue please help thank you

  98. I am really grateful for this opportunity! Working hard pays off. It will help me tremendously with the completion of a post secondary program, which is one of the most important goals in my life.

    Best wishes to all! We all deserve it because of our commitment, dedication and perseverance.


  99. Thank you so much for this opportunity, this scholarship would help me out in more ways than one. Best wishes to everyone that applied, I know no matter who receives it, that this money would be put to good use. Good luck to everyone and may God Bless you all.

  100. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to what my future holds, and I know that with this scholarship, I will be closer to reaching my goals.

  101. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. My lifelong dream is to be a teacher and with the cost of a college education, everything will help me to obtain my degree and be an inspiration to others.

  102. Thank you for considering my application for your scholarship. I look forward to pursuing my studies and my goals.

  103. Diona J Tooles

    I wish to say thanks for making your scholarship program to me and the thousands of student who wish to attend college but are having difficulties financially to attend Though I am presently attending college it has been stressful for my parents financially due to my house whole being a one income family due to my mother presently being unemployed My father is presently retired and only receives a minimum monthly income which he has other monthly financial obligations but he is determine to see me through college A scholarship of an magnitude would be greatly appreciated to help with my tuition and to relieve my father of a heavy financial burden
    Thanks for your time

  104. please help to notify me once it’s time to apply for nursing scholarship, i really want to apply to futher my nursing study.

  105. Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am from a family with 3 other siblings going to College so this would help out a great deal!!

  106. Thank you for granting this scholarship ; this will allow me to evolve scientifically. I confirm it is not spam.

  107. Maurisha Shelton

    Thank you for the opportunity. I confirm that this is not a spam and, with this scholarships I know I can achieve my goals.

  108. Thank you for allowing me to be considered. I have big hopes for my future and I hope you cant help me make those dreams happen.

  109. God bless!! this is truly a good start for me to keep my head up and think positive about a post secondary program, knowing that people are out there who actually cares about individuals in need. Thank You for the opportunity to give my future a start.

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