Allison Goldstein (4th Quarter, 2008)

4th Quarter, 2008 Nursing Scholarship Winner Allison Goldstein Allison Goldstein attended University California San Diego with a major in Urban Studies and Planning and a minor in Biology. Besides being actively involved in her sorority as risk management chair, Allison volunteered at Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Palomar Hospital. In May, Allison will be …

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Amber Marshall (2nd Quarter, 2008)

2nd Quarter, 2008 Nursing Scholarship Winner Amber Marshall “In the fall, I will be attending the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. and starting to pursue my career path as nurse.” A Portion of Amber’s Winning Essay: “Toot, toot” goes the “whistleblower” on the hot summer day. A “whistleblower” is a lifeguard, who protects …

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Michelle Goreth (1st Quarter, 2007)

1st Quarter, 2007 Nursing Scholarship Winner Michelle Goreth Since completing her BSN, Michelle has become a American Nurses Credentialing Center Board Certified Pediatric Nurse and worked in multiple pediatric hospitals including LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn., Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, and Blair E. Batson …

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Jennifer Howard (4th Quarter, 2007)

4th Quarter, 2007 Nursing Scholarship Winner Jennifer Howard “And after my undergraduate degree is completed my professional goals include attaining at leas t a Master’s degree in nursing-midwifery and ultimately opening my own birthing center.” A Portion of Jennifer’s Winning Essay: At first, entering a medical profession was not my choice; it was more of …

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Lisa Davenport (1st Quarter, 2008)

1st Quarter, 2008 Nursing Scholarship Winner Lisa Davenport Lisa is a graduate of East Tennessee State University and is currently in the accelerated BSN program at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. A Portion of Lisa’s Winning Essay: It is very important to realize your own strengths, interests, and values when choosing a …

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Doris Jean Caldwell (2nd Quarter, 2005)

2nd Quarter, 2005 Nursing Scholarship Winner Doris Caldwell After graduating from high school, Doris worked two jobs to save up enough money to attend the local university. Unfortunately, after one semester she was forced to return home to care for her ailing mother, again working two jobs. She determined that changing her career focus to …

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