Christopher Veto (2nd Quarter, 2007)

2nd Quarter, 2007 Engineering Scholarship Winner Christopher Veto Christopher plans to either study at the Ira A. Fulton School of engineering at the Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College — working with the NASA internship program for a BSE in aerospace — or study engineering as part of an integrated engineering and law program at …

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Brad Harken (1st Quarter, 2007)

1st Quarter, 2007 Engineering Scholarship Winner Brad Harken Brad Harken is a 2007 graduate of Grundy Center High School, Grundy Center, Iowa. He is enrolled as a freshman in the engineering program at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is in the freshman Fessendon Honors Engineering Study program. He is planning to major in …

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Antonia Rivera (4th Quarter, 2006)

4th Quarter, 2006 Engineering Scholarship Winner Antonia Rivera “My hometown is Milwaukee, WI. I received my BS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am still at UW-Madison now pursuing my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering with an emphasis in Human Factors and Safety. My research instrests are currently …

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Serena Yeung (1st Quarter, 2006)

1st Quarter, 2006 Engineering Scholarship Winner Serena Yeung “I have strong interests in science and engineering and will enroll as an engineering student. My major could be chemical (CHE) or electrical and computer engineering (ECE), but at this point I lean more toward to the former. CHE offers diverse career opportunities ranging from petroleum, plastics, …

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Melina Ciccerone (4th Quarter, 2005)

4th Quarter, 2005 Engineering Scholarship Winner Melina Ciccerone She currently attends Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, and plans to receive a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics with a concentration in Biomechanics. “Afterwards, I will participate in the Virginia Tech and Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences to receive my master’s degree. …

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