Win $250: Book Judge Josh @ Your School

Hey students, colleges, principals, teachers & counselors!

Got a group of students and/or parents who could benefit from hearing Judge Josh’s scholarship advice in person? Then you could win $250 in cash. Pretty easily, really.

As you well know, it’s tough out there, man. Students are staring uphill at a steep mountain made up of a rotten domestic economy and brutal competition from international students.

Judge Josh will speak at your school. LA-DEE-FRICKIN’-DAH!

For most of them, it’s going to be a brutal climb, fraught with peril, and some are gonna fall and break their legs. Or worse.

The least you can do is give ’em some safety gear, no? And in case you’re not following my metaphor here, that “safety gear” is a few hours of sit-down, one-on-one, face-to-face personal coaching from the guy who not only (literally) wrote the book on scholarship judging, but has also paid over $100,000 in scholarship out of his own pocket to students around the world.

Well, you’re in luck, because I travel and I’m reasonably priced (yes, I’m dropping that whole talking-about-myself-in-the-third-person thing, right here in mid-paragraph).

And unlike Chris Farley’s motivational-speaker Matt Foley character pictured here, I do shower every day and I do NOT live in a van down by the river.

You’ll have to pay a small speaker’s fee ($1,000 if you’re in the U.S. or Canada — if you’re not, use the contact form below and get a quote) and basic travel expenses (cheap airfare and a Comfort Inn with a nearby McDonald’s will do just fine).

In return, Judge Josh I will speak to your group for however long you like over the course of one day, and even take one-on-one questions from the hyper-interested stragglers into the wee hours of the evening.

OK, about the $250…If you successfully refer me to a speaking gig at your (or any) school, then I’ll give you $250 of my speaking fee. It’s that easy. When we do the booking, we’ll ask the person at your school who referred them. Be sure to tell that person your name so that you can get paid!

Learn more about booking Judge Josh me for a gig at your school, just fill out the form below:

6 thoughts on “Win $250: Book Judge Josh @ Your School”

  1. thank you Josh for the first chapter of your book. Love It and please sen me more and more scholarship information.

  2. Steven Tandoi

    I will be leading a club to get volunteer credit for schalorship and college applications while simultaneously bringing togeather Cabrillo Jr. College students togeather. We will organize fund raisers, start voluteer projects and share ideas on how to help others to create well rounded college portfolios. The club will be up and running by Fall 2010. I hope that we might be able to raise money to get you to our beautiful campus. I ask you check out the campus site and that maybe we can get you link on our website when it starts up in the summer months. “Community out-REACH club.” We also look to start our own leadership schalorship through donations and fund raising, maybe you have ideas on how to get more schalorships for leaders or what we should incorperate to allow possible schalorships to fall into the arms of our active elected officials and members. Our goal is to REACH 50 members by sept 31st. 2010

  3. Hey Josh I hope you come speak to the Financial Aid office at Minneapolis Community and Technical College – they need further training!

  4. Booking Judge Josh @ Your School?

    May I please know if josh is able to visit schools overseas and talk about financial aid for higher education?

    can I refer him to schools based in Botswana or the United Kingdoms?

  5. Are you in Canada or the US? You might want to mention where you are located so people know about how much travel costs will total up to. Thanks

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