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If you’re a recent or soon-to-be college grad looking to polish up your resume so you can get a job, stop looking and bookmark this site. Your search is now over.

My name is Josh Barsch, and I created this site to help you get a job. Let me tell you briefly why you should listen to what I have to say and follow the advice on these pages.

And yes, I am the same Josh Barsch from outlawstudent.com, where I’ve given advice for several years as a scholarship judge, helping students across the world win scholarships. Over those years, I’ve realized that many of you still need help

Why have I gone to the trouble of trying to help people I don’t know get jobs?
Good question, I suppose, and to be honest, I don’t have a properly rehearsed and angelic answer. There are a few reasons, I guess. First of all, I know that many hundreds of thousands of new graduates like you need help with this critical part of the job-seeking process. I know from experience that your school (if it’s like most other schools) doesn’t provide a whole lot of advice and guidance for you in the area of resumes and interviews and job-hunting in general, and the advice they do provide often isn’t that great.

To me, that just seems unfair. It seems like you’re getting screwed after spending god-knows-how-many tens of thousands of dollars on a college education.

Second, odd as this may sound, I sorta feel a twinge of patriotic duty about helping new grads get jobs. What can I say, I love my country and I want America to continue to be a prosperous nation when my children, and my children’s children, etc.,  are graduating from college and trying to get jobs of their own. And honestly, it makes me feel crappy to see otherwise very intelligent, capable and marketable students losing out on great jobs — jobs they could use to build a solid foundation for their future and their family’s future — all because no one sat down with them for an hour or so and showed them the ins and outs of how to get a job.

So that’s why I started the site — it’s a natural extension of outlawstudent.com for those who are done/nearly done with school and ready to move on to the job market. I hope you enjoy it.

All the best,
Josh Barsch

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