The Post-Grad Travel Bug

Dear Judge Josh,

I’m itching to travel after graduation, but I’m worried about the costs and my future career. How can I see the world without blowing my budget or jeopardizing my job prospects?

Hey Post-Grad Travel Bug,

Traveling after graduation is the dream, right? Here’s how to make it happen without going broke or screwing up your career:

Budget Travel: Look for cheap flights, stay in hostels, and eat street food. You don’t need to spend big bucks to have a kick-ass adventure.

Work & Travel: Consider teaching English, working on a farm, or doing freelance work while traveling. Make money and see the world – it’s a win-win!

Gap Year: Take a year (or a few months) off before starting your career. Use that time to travel, volunteer, or do internships abroad. It might even boost your resume!

Plan Ahead: Save up before you go and have a solid plan for re-entering the workforce when you return. Stay connected with your network and keep an eye on job opportunities.

Stay Flexible: Be open to changing your plans or adjusting your itinerary to save money. Keep an eye out for deals and be willing to roll with the punches.

Use Your Network: Reach out to friends, family, and acquaintances in other countries. They might offer a couch to crash on or some insider tips for saving cash.

Embrace the Experience: Remember that the experiences and memories you gain while traveling can be invaluable. They might even help you grow personally and professionally.

With a little planning, creativity, and flexibility, you can satisfy your wanderlust without breaking the bank or derailing your career. So pack your bags, grab your passport, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Safe travels, globetrotter!

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