The Roommate Roulette

Dear Judge Josh,

I’m about to move in with a new roommate, but I’ve heard horror stories about people’s roomie experiences. How can I make sure we get along and maintain a harmonious living situation without going insane?

Hey Roommate Roulette,

Living with a new roomie can be a blast or a total disaster. But don’t stress – follow these tips to keep things chill and drama-free:

Communicate: Talk about expectations, pet peeves, and boundaries early on. Don’t let small issues fester and turn into a full-blown roommate feud.

Split the Bills: Figure out a fair system for splitting rent, utilities, and shared expenses. Nobody likes a moocher, so keep it square, my friend.

Share the Chores: Create a cleaning schedule or divide up chores so everyone’s doing their fair share. Ain’t nobody got time for a messy crib!

Give Space: Sometimes, we all need a little me-time. Respect your roommate’s space and privacy, and they’ll (hopefully) do the same for you.

Be Chill: Be the kind of roommate you’d want to live with. Be considerate, flexible, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

With open communication, clear expectations, and a dash of patience, you can create a harmonious living situation. Good luck, roomie!

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