Process of applying for law school?

Hey Mr.Josh, I’m an Indian student and i really want to complete my undergraduate degree in the US, however the thing is that I don’t know the procedure of applying to those law schools. I asked for help from a counseller but shes charging way too much just for helping me out. Please tell me what I’m supposed to do???


Thanks for stopping by, Apala.  My first observation would be – why the hell is a counselor trying to charge you for anything at all?  Anything and everything you need to know about this is either on the internet, or freely given by individual front offices of the schools at which you intend to apply.  So I’m glad that you didn’t pay this “counselor.”

And, as I said, you don’t really need a counselor in this situation.  All of the information you are seeking should be readily available on this very internet that we are communicating on right now.  Pick your school, Google it and follow the links through the admission information and boom – you will likely learn all you need to know about how to apply.

If for some reason you are unable to find that information on their website, a call or even possibly an email could get you informed as well.  Ask them what you need to do in order to qualify and be accepted to their school.

How about the rest of you – am I missing something here?  I am admittedly not well versed in how things work in India, but I’ve never heard of someone being asked to pay just to find out HOW to apply to a school.  An application fee, sure – but not just for information.  Anyone ever hear of this?


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  1. Don’t pay her or him! Counselor ask for service fee–is a strange ideA. Nobody in USA pay counselor to help apply for schools.

  2. Admissions counselors are certified by an agency in the US and help thousands of kids with applications. Admission is highly competitive and it’s difficult for students and parents to know the best way to format resumes, best topics for essays that will showcase the student and even which schools might be a good match. I’ve helped several students who had been rejected from law school several times to gain admission.

  3. Also, if the school is in the same town as you live, you just have to visit their admission office and they will walk you through the admission process (for free). They might take application form fee which is less than $150.

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