What is the best major for an enjoyable, better paying job?

Myron is a military man who’s ready to hang up the uniform and head to college. Thanks for your service, Myron!

I am 30 and want to go back to school full time and get a degree, I want to separate from the military and use my G.I. Bill and get a bachelor’s degree while having a job in the national guard w/ 33 months left on my G.I. bill I am thinking either a major in animal science, kinesiology, or nursing.

I really just want the quickest route to get me a better paying job and more enjoyable job then what I do in the military. Is this doable?

Of course it is, Myron.  As a military man you likely have the attitude that anything is doable if you put your mind to it.  And these days, more & more companies are making a concentrated effort to hire veterans of the U.S. armed forces.  I’ve probably mentioned this before, but my father and many of my military friends and their military parents went back to school after being in the military – some going back after 20 years of service!

As for what major would best suit you, I would say to focus on one of those you mentioned, since they are obviously front & center in your mind.  Nursing, in particular, is a field in which graduates are currently in high demand, so if that is something you’d enjoy, you’d likely have a great path to a well paying job in the not-so-distant future.

Anyone else want to give Myron any ideas on what major might be a good fit for him?  If so, let him know!

3 thoughts on “What is the best major for an enjoyable, better paying job?”

  1. I know when my father left the military he wanted to help people and had a very well paying job being a behavior analyst. He worked with special needs children coming up with behavior plans that helped them learn more effective and appropriate ways of communicating their wants and needs because these children are unable to verbally communicate but they had learned that self injurious behaviors, such as head banging, resulted in them getting what they wanted (I.e. Attention, food, escape from a task, etc.)

    I’d say another option would be a physical therapist and help people learn how to use their limbs again.

    Just throwing out ideas 🙂

  2. Comp Sci…steep learning curve, but the pay more than makes up for it. You’ll get a job very easily and make hella bank!

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