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I’m a veteran, but the GI Bill only covers 60% of my school. I’m also in my 30’s. Are there any specialized scholarships for me? – John

First of all, John, thank you for your service.  As I’ve said on here many times before, I’m an Air Force brat, so my father – as well as countless friends – have served in the military.  Those who serve always hold a special place in my heart.

Sure, there are many, many scholarships aimed at veterans.  If you Google “scholarships for Veterans” you will find dozens of them.  Apply for every single one of them for which you qualify.

Also, check with the school that you will be attending, if you already know what school that is.  A lot of times, the schools themselves will have scholarships (or even grants) for veterans of the military.

Another place to check would be military-associated organizations, such as the VFW.  They often times have scholarships and/or grants they give away to veterans.

Hang in there, John – the money is out there for veterans.  I know’s it’s not always easy, but stick to it!  And thanks again for your service!

Anyone know of any specific veteran scholarships that John could apply for?  If so, let him know!

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  1. Judge has some good advice. I think you probably already know about completing my the FAFSA online for financial aid. I would imagine you would qualify for the pell grant which is federal money the maximum is around 2k per semester ( you do not repay this money unless you drop out of classes during the semester). The additional funds along with your 60% Gi bill should cover your tuition,fees and books. Do you best to avoid private student loans at all costs. Federal student loans are an acceptable option but be wise about how much you take because it adds up quickly. Again do not ever accept private student loans!!!

    I hope this helps. Like judge said there are some groups that do have veteran scholarships which you can just google but some of them have requirements of having service connection disability % from the va or Purple Heart recipient. Also if you do have sc% and if it’s about 10% you would qualify for vr&e which covers additional expenses related to educating you for jobs. Vr&e can cover any type of job training or academic institution with the end result being employment and you can apply for this program online trough Ebenefits and Vonapp.

  2. Why is only 60% covered? The GI Bill covers the tuition of public schools if you qualify for in-state residency. I would change your residency if that is the issue. 26 States have state laws providing a residency exemption to student veterans for in-state tuition. In addition to this, many schools have the Yellow Ribbon Program, which helps veterans cover the cost gap between the GI Bill and tuition fees. Also, a law is expected to pass next August that requires all schools to offer in-state tuition to veterans, so many schools are already on board. Here’s the info on it. Outside of this, the only school whose tuition would not be covered should be a private one.

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