Passion For Fashion, But Brain For Business.

Hey Josh, I just want to start off saying thanks for creating this blogspot I religiously read the posts.

My pleasure, Tasnim – thanks for being a loyal reader!

I have picked some useful information through the months i have been reading them. Now i have question of my own i was wondering if you could help me me out. So I am going to attend community college because i didn’t get into any of my top schools which were UCLA and UC Irvine. Which I think works out for my best because i am still undecided about what i want to major in. I just know i want to go into the field of fashion. I have been for a year or two researching style trends, designers.. etc. But I also want a career where I will make the money as well so i was thinking of studying business. i really need advise which is a really good career path. I am still unsure of what i want to do but all I know is that I want to be happy at what I do. – Tasnim

Smart choice on community college, Tasnim.  It’s not always the right choice, but in your case it seems like a good, money-saving decision.

If you could see me and what I am wearing right now, you’d know that I have about as much fashion sense as Oliver Twist.  What I do know about fashion, however, is that there are lots of very well paying jobs in the industry.   That said, you should know up front if you don’t already, that fashion is a very competitive industry (surprise, surprise, huh?).  You’re not going to just waltz across the stage to grab your degree and straight into a cush job.  You’ll have to work hard and earn the better paying positions.  But hey – it sounds like you really want it, and that’s the first step to success!

So I say go for it, Tasnim!  Make your money AND be happy!


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  1. Oh man, I’m so happy that I saw this! The fashion school I go to is amazing. A lot of the instructors are working in their field, so everybody has connections. You can get a degree in any kind of fashion business -merchandising, styling, buying, you name it. It in San Francisco, called The Academy of Art (NOT the Art Institute). Anyone who applies is accepted, but you have to keep a 3.0 to stay in the school, so people looking for an easy art school party are weeded out. Look it up!
    Also, I swear I don’t work for them or anything, I just really love my school. I went on campus for two years and now I’m attending online. Good luck!

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