What Are The Best Jobs For Students?

I want to continue being a full time student… but I also need to find some source of income. What kind of jobs should I be soliciting that will not take up too much of my time but will still be somewhat profitable? -Danae

Hi Danae, and thanks for stopping by!  The standard answer, of course, could be to head to Mickey D’s and get you a part-time gig.  That’s always an option, but I am going to assume that you might want something a little less, ummm…fast foody.

In that case, you should head right to your school’s student employment center.  There are usually all kinds of jobs that are more interesting than fast food, like campus tour guide, teaching assistant (if you’re an upperclassman), tutor, research assistant, study participant, etc.  These are all jobs that not only challenge the mind a bit more than flipping burgers, but also might look a little better on a resume than, say, being head fry guy at the Tastee Freeze.  As a bonus, they know you are going to school so they are almost always willing to work around your class schedule.

Finally, if you’d rather get out into the community a bit, there are plenty of places that you can work and still go to school.  Try a gym, so you can stay in shape and earn money too.  Go to a coffee shop and get your barista on.  Bar tenders and cocktail waitresses in college town tend to do pretty well, and those are night jobs so you can definitely fit those in with your class schedule.

What do you all think?  Any other good ideas on where Danae can find part-time work that will earn her a few bucks?

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  1. One place that’s worked well for me is the alumni outreach offices. They might have you calling alumni to ask for donations, but it gives you really good skills for other jobs–computer and phone skills, sales pitch skills. Oftentimes you only have to work evenings, too, since that’s when people are home, but when you don’t have class!

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