How Should You Answer The Question, “Have You Received Any Other Scholarship Awards?”

I always enjoy reading the posts, but I never thought I would have my own question to ask. As far as I know this question has not been adressed yet. It’s a fairly simple question that I have come across while filling out scholarship applications, yet no one has been able to give me a fairly decent answer. [or any answer at all for that matter!]

So here it is: How should students answer the scholarship application question “Have you recieved anyother scholarship awards?” A few of my other friends and I have all asked the same thing. Are we lowering our chances by answering yes? Will they pick someone with less aid to help them get ahead, or will they pick the person with more scholarships awarded to them, because they show more potential, give-a-damn, etc? Any teacher/advisor I’ve asked there opinion simply says I don’t know. Any advice on this? Thanks a lot! – Nancy

Hi Nancy – and thanks for taking the time to ask!  How should you answer the question, “Have you received any other scholarship awards?”  In a word – honestly.

On its face it may seem like a loaded question, that you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you let the judge know that you’ve already been given some money.  They’ll instinctively tend to shy away from awarding you anything because it’s “not fair.”

I’ve always looked at it as a positive, though.  You see, if you’ve already won scholarship money, then I am going to give the other judges the benefit of the doubt and assume you earned that money, if it’s a merit based scholarship.  So someone else thought you were worthy of  receiving an award based upon your accomplishments – maybe I’m not so crazy to think you deserve one after all! 😉

Remember – we are talking about merit based scholarships here, and not just random grants or financial aid.  If you’ve done well enough to earn one scholarship, who’s to say you didn’t do well enough to earn 2?  Or 3, 4, 5…?

What do you think – agree or disagree?  Let me know!

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  1. I can’t think of any other way other than “honestly.” If you’re not honest, it will absolutely come back to bite you in the ass. The judges will likely be able to find out, and then they’ll see you as a liar instead of the amazing person you otherwise are.

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