Derrick Earvin, Jr. (4th Quarter, 2005)

4th Quarter, 2005
Vo-tech Scholarship Winner
Derrick Earvin, Jr.

“I live with my wife in Kissimmee now while I attend school. I’m currently working at Tires Plus, and I do random side jobs working on motorcycles when they are available. I love motorcycles; they are my passion. Once I’m done with school I hope to work maybe in a shop while I gain more experience and then someday have my own shop.”

A Portion of Derrick’s Winning Essay:

Derrick Earvin, Jr.
Derrick Earvin, Jr.

My technical education is very important to me. I’ve been looking forward to it, and motorcycle mechanics is my passion. It’s something I can truly succeed in. The type of education I can get at a technical institute is very vital to improving myself and my life. I want to be able to have a great profession and education , while also being able to work and help provide for myself and my wife. It will give me the opportunity to do something that I ALWAYS wanted to do.

By getting a technical education I will be able to make sure that every motorcycle I see is a safe and rideable motorcycle. I will be able to provide the mechanical needs for a motorcycle at a more affordable cost for the younger population, which are the majority these days riding motorcycles, while emphasizing and teaching about the safety needs of motorcycle riding.

Most importantly, I’ll be learning, working with my hands, doing what I like and jumping into one of the most quickly growing careers at this time. I’ll be able to do something for myself, something I’ll be proud of, and somthing I’ll be proud to work hard for.

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