Stephanie Ruggeri (4th Quarter, 2006)

4th Quarter, 2006
Recession Relief Scholarship Winner
Stephanie Ruggeri

“I was born and reared in Northwest Indiana and have lived there my entire life. I attended Crown Point High School, and now I am finishing my first year of college at Indiana University in Bloomington. I am transfering to Valparaiso University to pursue a career in Musical Theatre/Music Business. It’s difficult for me to narrow down my academic interests and choose a major because as much as I love the arts, I also enjoy math, english, and science!

Music has always been my number 1 passion. I began playing guitar at the age of 11 and have been playing ever since. At the age of 16, I gained enough courage to branch out and actually play in front of an audience so I started playing at little venues. By my senior year of high school, I wanted to try out for my high school’s play and musical, and that decision has changed my life. I realized after being in those productions and experiencing theatre that I need performing in my life. My family has always been very supportive of my dreams, and I hope to make them proud someday very soon.”

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