Aron Airall (3rd Quarter, 2008)

3rd Quarter, 2008
Recession Relief Scholarship Winner
Aron Airall

Aron Airall

“Ty Cobb was considered one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the game. And they asked the baseball scout, they said ‘It’s true you know you passed up Ty Cobb? You didn’t sign him up?’ And he said,’That’s true, I didn’t sign him up.’ He said, ‘I did check him out.’ He said, ‘When I watched him he was a good baseball player.’ He said, ‘but he wasn’t great. He didn’t play fabulous and I passed him over.’ And they said, ‘Well what happened?’ He said, ‘Well three years went by.’ Thanks Straightforward Media for your support! In health and wellness, Aron”

“This is my one and only life… and I want to be the best educator that I can be. Attaining my PhD. in early childhood/special education is my short term goal and helping as many people along the way is my life long goal. I feel Walden can help me with these goals since the school of education was rated #1 for online degrees in education according to US News January 2009. If I want to be the best, then I want the best. Since I am not geographically stable, online courses through Walden University is the way to meet my needs.”

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