Doris Jean Caldwell (2nd Quarter, 2005)

2nd Quarter, 2005
Nursing Scholarship Winner
Doris Caldwell

After graduating from high school, Doris worked two jobs to save up enough money to attend the local university. Unfortunately, after one semester she was forced to return home to care for her ailing mother, again working two jobs.

She determined that changing her career focus to the medical field was more practical to accommodate caring for her mother and having a versatile career that she would enjoy.

Doris maintains a 4.0 grade point average and will continue her education to earn a master’s degree in nursing so that she may dedicate her time to work as a Family Health Nurse Practitioner.

A Portion of Doris’ Winning Essay:

Doris Caldwell

I stand alone in my reasoning for possessing an unyielding determination to succeed regardless of tribulations. I have been administering care to my mother who raised me as a single parent. Within the last seven years my mother has suffered two major strokes and has been diagnosed with having Parkinson’s disease. Due to my mother’s health conditions I am currently the sole wage earner for my household.

My circumstances demand sometimes that I work several jobs and place aside my goals to take on the customary responsibilities of life. Therefore due to the lack of income and a lack of financial assistance I am not able to acquire the skills that I need through a secondary education.

I changed my career choice because of my desire to be able to care for my mother if her health continues to fail. I understand the importance of quality care being given by someone who cares. My devotion to my mother’s well being has not been an unwilling sacrifice. It has only increased my desire to obtain my goals, so that I may make her proud and care for her in a manner which is decent.

Once I have completed the Mesa/Boswell Nursing Program I will apply for licensure as a registered nurse. I will also attend ASU to participate in the RN-BSN-MS program.

In this program I will have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science concentrating in Family Health Nursing. Once I have earned my Masters of Science I anticipate working as a Nurse Practitioner. I will then devote my time to adults and children in three analogous areas in Arizona, Memphis, and Brazil.

These areas I have visited with the hope of helping the residents obtain preventative healthcare and health education. Once I have received the theoretical foundation and clinical competence needed I will deliver personal care to individuals, families and the communities that are at risk and neglected.

I foresee my goal, of providing quality care to people within the traditional, non-traditional and culturally diverse families, coming to fruition by continuing my education and dwelling in the land of determination.

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