O.C. Malcolm (4th Quarter, 2009)

O.C. Malcom
Engineering Scholarship
4th Quarter, 2009

I was born in and still resides in Niger state with my Parents who are Indigenes of Imo State in Nigeria. But nevertheless I’m over agog coming to the awareness that my labour at the vain-yard of SFM is becoming a reality. With this great beginning, i vehemently believe that my big dream of still schooling in one of the biggest universities in the United States of America will surely come true one day.

A Portion of O.C.’s Winning Essay:

Choosing engineering as a lifetime career is one significant penchant that liaise in the mind of an individual who desires to advance the standard of living in the world. Improved standard of living is an indispensable feature of developing and developed nations. I have always aspired to be part of the great men and women that has helped to improve the standard of living, together with lessening man’s burdens and I have not relented in anyway, from the very first day I understood the pertinence of good living even now that I hope to get into higher institution to further my education in the field of Aeronautic engineering.

O.C. Malcolm

Ever since I was twelve years old, I have always asked my teacher why most citizens of my country are too inquisitive when it comes to migrating to the western nations, more especially to the United states of America. No other answer did he add other than the answer he had given to me at my preliminary point of asking him such a question even in subsequent times. For the exchange of services he replied. I will always accede the answer each time he gives me that, but after cogitating to the environment, I will question the veracity of the answer.

When I realized that he was not ready to give me a different answer, knowing replete well that he has something latent in his mind, I saved the form of keeping him uncomfortable with my usual question by asking him a rephrased form of my preliminary question, which was why most citizens of my country so much love the United states of America that they will expeditiously reply “the United states of America” when ever they were asked which of the countries in the world they will like to visit. He said a word and a statement, which were ‘development’, and when I asked him to elucidate, he said the statement ‘better standard of living’. For the whole day, the word development and statement better standard of living seemed to me like a renewed car.

When I went further to research on the word development and what it has to do with the United States of America, I got a vivid meaning of what the statement better standard of the living has to do with most citizens of my country even the affluent and their migration to the western world. Not having that complacency in me, I made a decision that whatever field of study has kept the United States of America at the zeniths of development and better standard of living will I strive for.

Knowing that development is an overall social process which is dependent upon the outcome of man’s skilled effort to deal with his natural environment, gave me an explicit brainwave that the development of any nation is dependent on how ell they deal with their natural environment to satisfy man’s want, which is all about technology. I gleaned that technology is one significant factor in the history of the United States of America.

With such conviction on what has kept the western world in the apex of development as to be their tremendous technological abilities, my orientation from that moment facades. My life then was filled with technological issues. You will seldom here me discuss about any other issue other than technological issues when I confer with my friends. All that has to do with technology became the predominant and the only pertinent factor in my life to a point where any item around me, including my books, school bag and cloths are designed with the word engineering as I came up with a credence that technology is all about creating and creating is the power house of engineering.

During my first year in senior secondary school, we were enlightened on different professions to help us have a wider view of the career we all have in mind. After all lectures about the engineering field, my zealousness and passion for the engineering profession protruded the more. But this time with the greatest challenge a teen could ever face in choosing a career, just as we were told by the head of sciences in my school that the engineering field needs students who are highly creative and void of unnecessary mistakes together with having the flair in mathematics, physics including all other science subjects.

With such awareness, the students that have the passion for the engineering profession as well, but in one way or the other are not buffed in mathematics and find physics absurd were possessed with a chronic mindset. But then, as we went further and our mathematics and physics class gets harder encompassing all other science subjects, I found myself entrenching assiduousness in all that has to do with my mathematical and physics life instead of relenting. I was knack of performing my calculations even in the street, calculating the power supplied to my home by the power holdings of my country Nigeria and trying to identify the class of lever to which any domestic tool such as my dads hammer, wheel barrow, axe and the rest belongs.

Without knowing what was really happening, the passion that I have for the engineering profession extended to all those that has contributed to the engineering world. As I will always delve through the internet to get the photos of great men and women like Orville and Wilbur Wright, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Neil’s Bohr, Pythagoras, Voltaire, place them at every corner of my home and watch them daily while I study my books. They served as motivational bodies to me even when I fail; I delve through their biography of failure and success and encourage myself with them.

A debate competition that took place during my secondary school days, which was about “technology has done more harm then good” that I participated in, build in me that enthusiasm that I am made for the technological world. During the course of the debate, at the eleventh hour when all points made by the advocates of technology in which I was the first speaker has been subdued, being the first speaker and having the last chance of about three minutes to raise the flag of technology and clamp forth to the plateau of gold, I stands a chance of admitting that I had no other brainwave other than giving up to the antagonists of technology. Thanks to my encephalon for its flair of remembrance.

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