Christen DeProto (3rd Quarter, 2005)

3rd Quarter, 2005
Communications Scholarship Winner
Christen DeProto

Christen DeProto

“Years ago, I was often lulled to sleep by the sounds of the road and the comfort of the boat-like waves created by the shocks of the 1982 Dodge Dart my father used to drive. On these trips, I would fight sleep by trying to listen to the conversations my parents were having or the radio playing softly, but more often than not, it was a battle I would always lose. It was around these years, when my childhood innocence of the world around me began to slip away like leaves from the trees in my small New England town. The days of peacefully sleeping without a care in the world began to transform into more attentive learning experiences. I began to realize that there was a world so much larger than the one I knew, and I had a burning desire to learn about it.”

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