Eileen O’Brien (4th Quarter, 2005)

4th Quarter, 2005
Art Scholarship Winner
Eileen O’Brien

“All throughout school I have been doodling on my class work. I can’t help it — I have a drive for drawing that cannot be stopped. So to fill this drive I have to keep finding new ways to carry it out by taking every art class I can possibly find and by applying for every contest and program to build my abilities as an artist. Taking programs such as C.S.S.S.A (California Summer School for the Arts) I majored in digital media and sculpture, as well as taking figure drawing and design classes. Right now I am in my senior year of high school taking AP studio art, as well as a figure drawing class at a local community college.”

A Portion of Eileen’s Winning Essay:

eileenobrienI am an artist but not one of the starving types. Since the day I arrived on this planet I have had a great interest to make art into a career goal. Beings as I am gifted with a natural talent I would like to pursue this skill and make it into something creatively practical and use it to help others pursue their artistic dreams. In knowing that I want to accomplish this goal, I have and will continue to take the steps necessary to achieve these aspirations.

For the past two years I have developed a strong enthusiasm for fashion. It is, I believe, one of the greater ways for a person to express themselves artistically; for clothing is worn everyday on every person and seen in every place in every situation. The garments that a person wears explains a lot about who they are, where they have been and where they are going. It gives people originality and individualism among the humdrum of everyday life and since fashion is a rapidly growing industry there are always new and original ideas going in and out of the flow of monotony.

I also enjoy, and probably enjoy more, the artistic elements and principles that go into the design and producing of attire. The composition, contrasting colors, patterns, textures, use of line, etc. is like wearing a painting or a photograph only it is shaped to a persons body like that of a sculpture. Because of my strong desire to make clothing I have decided to go to F.I.D.M (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) for my schooling which offers a variety of art related degrees as well as a bachelor’s degrees in Business .

I have chosen this school because of how rigorous the training program is, completing four years of schooling within a two-year time period, and the fast paced environment I will be surrounded by–much like that of an actual fashion designer. It will be a great place for me to use my artistic skills as well as my ability to work well under pressure and still produce quality work. It will in turn better prepare me to be the best I can be in the career I desire to have.

As well as having an interest for the artistic study of fashion, I have a great passion for the people in my community as well as the world. The one way I feel is best for helping the community is through inspiration– inspiration through art– especially with the youth, my peers. To give a person inspiration to do something is to give a person a brilliant idea that will further better him or herself and the community. Most of my community activities are through the Multicultural Arts Center in my town. With the help of my art teacher I have been able to have my artwork displayed for the public numerous times throughout the year.

My community activities do not just end with help through art, I have also done such things as feed the homeless, help run the rides at Kiddyland–a small amusement park for children, helped decorate floats for the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena California and worked at a graphic design business (Kingsview Graphics) in a nearby town. I am also an actively involved person at my church where I attend on Tuesday nights to help support the youth group. Recently I have been asked to be an arts director for them where I will make and manage all the artwork for the posters and flyers they hand out to people. I will also be painting a wall mural in the nursery in a few weeks.

I have also been involved in Key Club in my freshman and sophomore years of high school which is greatly involved with the community, where I attended the M.S. Walk for two years to help support the M.S. foundation and its cause. I also work with my mom in her daycare business in activities such as helping to prepare meals for the children, creating paintings with the children and playing games with the kids.

I have a strong work ethic and always make an effort to do my best for the best interest of the client as well as people in society. People are the heart of everything, the heart of purpose, the heart of past, future, the present, the heart of new ideas and the heart of who we are and what we are to become.

As I go into college and the beginnings of my life I plan to incorporate my career in fashion with the community and the people. I want to present my artwork through fashion to give people an insight into something new, exciting and different that will encourage people to make a difference in art, their community and even the world. I want to show that the power of one person can be like the strength of ten thousand oceans. If a person has confidence in himself or herself all things are possible and he can achieve his or her hopes and dreams and aspirations.

Tto do this I will need to be able to put myself through college. Since the school I have decided to apply to is a private institution, the expenses are much higher than the average. It will be difficult for me to afford schooling without some financial assistance. My parents are hardworking individuals just meeting the essential needs of everyday life, and I do not wish to obligate them with the financial requirements of a private college education. Receiving this scholarship would greatly empower me to go on with pursuing my desire to help the community through the art of fashion.

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