We’re Closed For Flooding Today

Hello, loyal readers. Just a quick note to let you know that there will be no regularly scheduled post from me today due to some wicked flooding that my family and I sustained last night.

My family and I just recently moved and we have our old house up on the market. Unfortunately, we got 2.5 inches of rain last night out at that old house, and my entire basement was flooded. I was out with a restoration crew for several hours last night and will be there most of today, too. I’ve posted a few pictures here for your viewing displeasure.

Nothing like thousands of dollars in cleanup work, more thousands coming in landscaping that’ll have to be done to correct the problem, and a lot harder job actually selling the house thanks to the ugly new disclosure I’m going to have to write into the paperwork. Ugh.

So anyway, not much time to post anything of substance today, but I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Keep working hard, getting scholarships, avoiding student loans where possible, etc. Once you’re out of school, you never know when you’ll have some major home disaster like this one that you’ll need serious coin to clean up.

My old office floor and carpet, soaked.
This is AFTER an hour or so of two trucks pumping the water out.
Another shot of the basement carpet. Soaked. Actually just the pad was soaked; the carpet was all able to be salvaged.
Yep, water was just running right in that back door. Ouch.

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