From Vegas to L.A.: Should Brittany Transfer as a Senior?

It’s Monday and I’m excited, because tonight the Phoenix Suns get started on their upset series victory over the heavily favored and extremely boring L.A. Lakers. Wishful thinking on my part anyway, but it’s a perfect segue into today’s topic.

Brittany loves L.A. and is considering ditching UNLV to transfer to UCLA — even though she’s a senior at UNLV.Β She writes:

Hey there! I’m Brittany. I get all your articles and advice so I thought I’d let you help out with my complicated situation.

I am pretty much a senior at UNLV majoring in Communications Studies.

I’m guessing that means a junior with 80-something credits, so OK, got it.

Having been born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, I am ready to move out my mother’s house and get out of Vegas. So I applied and was accepted to UCLA as a Women’s Studies major. I have taken a couple of Women’s Studies classes at UNLV and have decided the major is not for me.

Hey, we keep breaking new ground on the blog here. I think this is a first time I’ve had a senior (or near-senior) apply to transfer to another school for another major. I’m confused as to why you’d apply as a women’s studies major if you don’t want to be one, so I’m guessing you were just trying to get your foot in the door at UCLA and then switch to another field once you were in.

I want to go to UCLA (everyone loves their experience there and people are so impressed when I tell them I got accepted) BUT I may not be able to switch to a Comm major and I’m nervous about the debt I’ll accrue.

OK, devil’s advocate here: NOT everyone loves their experience at UCLA. At every behemoth public-university, and especially those in the middle of a huge city, you’ll find tons of people who loved their experience, and also tons who hated it.

And pay as little attention as you possibly can to the people who are impressed that you got into UCLA. It’s definitely great that you got in, but impressing other people is a criteria that you want to throw as far out the window as humanly possible when you’re making a giant decision like this. The value to you of those people being impressed is VERY short-lived. Plus, you’ve already impressed them by getting in, and that’s not going to change whether you decide to actually go there or not.

I have a year left at UNLV, I can study Comm, and I’ll come out with virtually no debt. And on the other hand, I can transfer to UCLA, possibly not study Comm, remain in school for up to two more years, go into debt, and live in beautiful Los Angeles!

Brittany is leaving Las Vegas for L.A. Should she wait to graduate first?

If you read this site regularly, you know I’m a very, very, very big fan of that whole “graduating with no debt” concept. In fact, if you ever want me to vote AGAINST graduating with little/no debt, there has to be some very SERIOUS upside on the competing half of the equation. But so far, on the other side of the equation, I’m only seeing: out-of-state tuition at California university, a newly uncertain course of study, new and considerable student loan debt, a very high cost of living, and living L.A. instead of Vegas.

I’m starting to dig my heels in against this transfer, Brittany. πŸ™‚ More on that in a bit.

I will say that I am thinking about Grad school… considering it. Ultimately, I want to work in the entertainment industry. I figure that going to school in LA will help me network and start in that direction. I already have an internship in LA at a major production company in the works.

That’s great about the internship! I can’t tell by your email whether it’s a certainty yet or not, but making that happen should be a top priority for you now. I agree that *BEING* in Los Angeles will help you network in the entertainment industry and get off to a good start. I don’t agree that you need to be *going to school* there to make that happen. More on that also in a bit.

Should I just hurry up and graduate at UNLV then move to Los Angeles or transfer to UCLA, finish up school while working towards my career goals? Any suggestions?!

YES — FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, DON’T TRANSFER. πŸ™‚ Just graduate and then move.

I know where you’re coming from with wanting to live in L.A. — I’d love to live there. It’s an international city on a scale matched by only a couple dozen other cities in the world.

And I can also understand why you want to get the hell out of Vegas. I love Vegas, but like everyone else, I love it as a pure recreation spot. I’ve never met anyone born and raised there who likes it very much anymore.

But school is school, and life is life — they need not be married to each other. You’ve got three years down and only one to go, and in terms of student loan debt, you’ve got (virtually) none! Here’s the one thing you have to remember: **If you stick it out for one more year in Vegas, then the *quality* of your experience in L.A. should be much better when you get there.**

Why? Well, being debt free is a big, big deal. Especially when you’re living in an expensive metro like L.A. You know, NOT having to make a $400-$500 student loan payment can make the difference between living where you want to live in L.A., and living in the hood. Or, worse, between being able to afford L.A. at all, and having to move back to Vegas and your mom’s house with your tail between your legs.

And you can definitely stick it out one more year — you’ve come this far, you can go one more year in order to realize the massive benefit.

I’ll say it again that the biggest asset you’ve got going for you right now is your internship; be sure and work your ass off to meet and impress all the people you possibly can during that gig. The group of people you work with will become your base of operations when you move to L.A. next year. Use Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up relationships with them after you go back to Vegas. Don’t let ’em forget you.

Another word to the wise — even though you hate the town, you are sitting in the entertainment capital of the world right now. There are TONS of connections to be made right there in Vegas. Check out what types of entertainment-oriented internships you may be able to hook up with through UNLV.

But yeah, if you wanna head off to L.A. the moment you graduate, then go for it. Plenty of opportunity there, of course. Just don’t assume that going to L.A. necessitates an education at UCLA, especially when you’d incur so much additional cost at UCLA without, in any way that I can see, receiving anywhere near that much value in return.

Hope that helps. And I hope your Lakers (I assume you’re a Lakers fan?) go down in flames tonight and in the entire series. Go Suns!

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  1. Hello,
    If I were in Brittany situation if moving was that important to me I would move if and only if moving didn’t jeopardize my career. On the other hand, if I had one year left and didn’t want to jeopardize ma career I would stick it out and stay for that year. That year will fly by so fast before she knows it she be walking across that stage for graduation. Good luck making a decision…hoped I helped some.!!

  2. Agreed. Definitely stay for your last year and finish up school at UNLV. You have plenty of time to get out of Vegas and move to LA after college! You’re so close to finishing and earning a degree. Do that first and then set your sights on your dream of going to LA! πŸ™‚

  3. It's Me, Brittany!!!

    Actually, I’m absolutely NOT a Lakers fan. It’s all about the Spurs (next year!) haha

    But the internship is for the Fall semester in LA… if I stay in Vegas, I miss out on the internship! The majority of internships are for credit only and once I graduate I’m not eligible for those. But moving to LA without the student loan debt does sound appealing.

    Thanks, you brought some important factors to my attention. I appreciate your opinion!!

  4. don’t do it brit, ur wasting ur precious time… life is short (figuratively speaking) thats why we should make the best of it… finsh wat u started

  5. If I were Brittany, I will not move out just to stay on the safe side. Senior year is a very important year for any student and your career depends on how and where you apply for the jobs during this time. I would definitely stay where I am and wait until I graduate to move out. I have been to this situation during my senior year in High school. My school was the worst school in county but I stayed there because I came to US and they put me in that school. I was already struggling due to a different language and culture. So I did not want to create more problems for myself. So Yeah I really beleive that it is important for you to focus on your career than moving out at this time if it does affect your studies.

  6. Stick with UNLV until you have that first degree. Sure, living with mom may be a royal pain, but It looks like you have much more going for you in Las Vegas then you would have in L.A. I’d also look into some of the other states that have become the new centers for film and TV production. California is going downhill fast. The state is almost bankrupt. That means those who work will be taxed to death. You would be lucky to keep a roof over your head, food in your belly and clothes on your back, even with a ton of room mates in some tiny apartment.
    Get the degree, then look at L.A. with practical eyes. Right now, you sound like a star-struck “teeniebopper”.

  7. I do not think it would be a good idea to transfer out as a senior. You might not like you home town but all the work that goes into transfering to another school, plus during your last year is not worth the trouble.

  8. Sweetest offers great advice. Stick it out. Your final year, especially your final semester, flies by like none other. I was in a similar situation to Brittany last year, but I actually disliked my current major. I stuck it out and finished my senior year at my school, and am relieved that I didn’t choose to move, transfer, and switch majors. I found a job before graduating that will springboard me into the field that I want to be in, not the one I majored in (and ended up disliking). Brittany, finish what you started, and use networking skills to get your foot into the area you WANT to be in – major and school is not everything, anymore.

  9. I totally agree with Josh! You should go ahead and finish at UNLV. I think you will be at an advantage. First, if you move to LA after graduating, you can devote your full attention to your career. You won’t have to worry about an extra two years of classes taking up your time. Also, as he said, being debt free will make the high cost of living more manageable. My brother is trying to break into the entertainment industry in LA and has to work two jobs to stay afloat there. Finally, I second what Josh said about finding an internship in Vegas. You’ll probably meet plenty of Vegas people with connections in LA. That way, you’ll already have your foot in the door if you still decide to move there.

    Will UNLV let you do the fall internship in LA as credit towards your Communication major? You should talk with your major advisor and try to work something out.

  10. I did something like that once… 2 years ago I was graduating from Community College… I transfered to the CSU of my dreams… or so I thought. I ran a few thousand short, but thought I could suffice. By the end of the year I had lived through the worst experiences of my life, not to mention I was almost homeless. If I didn’t have someone loan me the money I would have been. Also, prior to my transfer I was an honor student… after the stress of my experience at HSU I ended up with such horrible marks… NC.. and I even have a F on my transcript… I filed for academic leave and made my way back to my home town… waited a year to transfer into the local CSU here. I will be 24 when I go in this fall and I will tell you chicka… STAY AT UNLV! Stay for the love of god. Finish your education first!

    My friend is in the entertainment industry and do you know where she moved? LV! yes people from cali are migrating there because the economy sucks a lot here! people are going from riches to rags daily.

  11. I would say stay in Vegas. Why in the world would you transfer after 3 years? You have gone to UNLV this long so you might as well finish up there. I say stick it out where you are currently at and then move to LA after you have completed college.

  12. Hi Brittany,

    I’m also a commuter living at home (and a Comm major, woo!), so I empathize with what a pain it can be to live with your family while going to school. It’s annoying, it’s obnoxious and it’s limiting. However, I agree with everyone else so far – you’re better off not transferring this late in the game. Maybe consider UCLA for grad school? That way you’d be doing what you want (living in LA) and studying what you want (Comm!).

    The internship sounds like a good idea to figure out if you’d actually want to live in LA and make connections, but since it’s in the fall semester, I’d only take it if it didn’t impact my graduation date. (I’d also take summer courses NOW to make up for anything that would be displaced – difficult, challenging, but worth it!) I’m sure an internship host would rather have someone working for them they might be able to hire relatively soon than have to wait several more years….

    Also, staying put with a debt free undergrad means you’ll be making money once you begin to work (possibly for grad school tuition or an apartment in LA) rather than losing money right away.

    Good luck with your decision! πŸ™‚

  13. I would say that she should weigh her options before making any big decisions, like transferring schools & go into debt. Staying at UNLV seems like it is the smartest option. On another hand, if she feels capable of being able to go to school for longer & be able to pay off a growing debt, then nobody wants to spoil anyone else’s dream of moving to bigger, better places. Some type of guidance counselor could play a key role in helping Brittany make the wisest decision. Good luck in whatever she chooses to do though.

  14. Jasmine Housey

    Brittany should absolutely stay home and finish that last year at UNLV. Los Angeles will be there when you graduate. If you are that enthused about going to UNLA, apply there as a grad student. I’m in the same situation, attending school in my home town and wanting to move away. The difference is i am a junior. Origianlly my graduation date was suppose to be May 2010, but i transferred as a freshman with 28 credit hours accepted from my previous school. Transferring will only make you have regrets. Stay at home while rent is free and the bed is warm, you’ll have plenty of time to play grown up when you get out there in the real world. I wish the best for you Brittany and i hope you take what i wrote into consideration.

  15. Brittany Roberts (different Brittany... lol)

    Reasons to not transfer to UCLA –

    1) BEING DEBT FREE. I’m transferring to Northern Arizona University next Fall as an out-of state student. I’m a California resident, but it actually will cost me LESS to go there (I’m on the Western Undergraduate Exchange program, which is a deal for residents of western states to attend for less tuition than full-on out-of-state cost) than to a CSU or UC being a lifelong California resident! Go figure! And if I had the chance to attend a university… ANY university… debt-free? I’d do it in a heartbeat!

    2) Traffic in Los Angeles is enough to make me not want to live there (on top of the smog, high crime rate, expensive rent for poor accomodations and rude people). I live about 100 miles (usually 2 hours) from there – but on weekends or certain peak times, it can take FIVE HOURS to get into the city. Bleh. I dread going there unless it’s for vacation where I can plan a whole day for the drive. =)

    3) I believe this was already mentioned, but most universities require that a certain minimum of units be acquired at that school to obtain a degree. If you’re going to be a senior, you’ve already completed a significant amount of coursework. It would be a shame to throw all that time away just to take those classes over again… and to think of all of the unncessary expense!

    4) UCLA is EXPENSIVE. After looking at the website, adding up tuition and fees for a non-California resident, your total for your senior year would be $33,660 (and that’s not including room/board, health insurance, transportation, books and living expenses)!!! That’s a year of my current salary!

    5) The fact that you have to switch majors is scary. This may lead to taking classes that just really aren’t needed, which wastes more money and time!

    Now – with all that being said… if this internship is as great a deal as it sounds, is there any way you can get college credit for it at UNLV? Or could you put off school for a year to see if the internship ends up being something you like? That way, if you find out that you hate LA and/or the job, you can return to home sweet home with no consequence and some work experience. Or if you do like it, maybe you can find some other work in the communication/entertainment industry for a couple of years and gain California residency (which would bring your total at UCLA down to $10,071 before room/board, health insurance, transportation, books and living expenses). That’s quite a big difference! The opportunity for work experience, to learn more about yourself, and to be on your own – while not incurring debt!

    Also – if after all that you decide you still want to go to UCLA, waiting a year or two to gain California residency will save you about $20,000. It’s definitely something to consider! =)

    The other Brittany

  16. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Hi Brittany, all I can say is dont jeopardize your career I would stick around and stay for that year. Good luck making a decision

    *Alejandro Gonzalez

  17. Brittany! 1st of all, DEBT FREE??? Girl, you know how many of us WISH we could say that & you’re willing to throw it away?? Don’t do it. Trust me, LAs not that great. Yeah, it may be one of the entertainment meccas of the world, but the people aren’t all that great. 2nd, better check with UCLA; some schools require you to earn at least 30 hours from them before you graduate. 3rd, this is a life changing situation. Don’t ‘settle’ for a degree just to get your foot in the door. I did that for 3 semesters & hated school the entire time and all it did was put me 3 semesters behind. THINK WITH YOUR BRAIN cause obviously you have one…or do you?

  18. I can’t let you transfer. I will come to vegas and hold your feet. You are almost done!!! I am from LA and I can not even begin to tell you how many 20 somethings roll in and out of LA with a ” trying to make it in the business” agenda and end up waitressing. You have plenty of time to move there. There really is no rush especially since you have so much at stake. If it is truly your passion to move there then please do yourself a favor and have a degree to fallback on FIRST. Tapping into the indusrty is tough and most people don’t make it. I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s very tough. AT LEAST finish school. LA is a great place, I moved away to attend the university of maryland. I HATE the east coast but my education is #1. In the end, LA won’t take care of you, your hard work toward a degree will. Please don’t transfer!!!!

  19. Ok, maybe it is just me again, but I sense more here than just loving L.A. I noticed she mentioned “moving out of her mother’s house.” If the decision is based on your not getting along with your mom, then depending on the real facts may sway the final decision. If your mom is abusive or an alcoholic/drug user and you fear for your safety, then by all means try to get help moving out and away from the situation. If it is simply that she is “cramping your style” then there is no valid reason to move. If you only have 1 year left, stick it out! Also, unless you have a signed contract with that company ensuring you a job, don’t count on it. My cousin moved across country because people at the college she wanted to go to told her they would get her a job with no problems. One year later she came back home with no job and about $30,000 more in debt.
    Good Luck!

  20. Hi Brit,
    If I were you I would not move to LA. I right now have a strong dislike for the school that I am going to but I only have about 1.5 years left and right now I am living at home (but then again I just turned 18) but I actually am getting paid to go to school. I would love to go to this school in NY that offered me a full scholarship also but the thing is that not only would I have to make it on my own and not know ANYONE that is there. There will probably be different issues that I would have to deal with at this school in NY. My advice to you would be to finish that one year then to to UCLA. Finishing school with no debt is always the first thing I look at. You can always go to UCLA for grad school or if you really want that Comm degree get it later in life when you would more easily pay it off or just go there for grad school. But then again, I also think that you should do what you think will truly make you happy. If going to UCLA is what will make you happy even if you end up with debt but you can get the internship and degree you want GO FOR IT!

  21. I’m being quick to answer, I skimmed through and I read some responses but it’s an easy answer. Don’t do it. Not now. Perhaps you’ll want to go to UCLA for your masters or something, maybe even a second B.A if you want it that bad, but you’re so close to the end. Just finish where you’re at. You’re going to set yourself back so much if you transfer now.
    Just finish and think of a second B.A or Masters. Debt is a big deal too, if you actually get to go to college and be debt free, thats a big bonus! Do you realize you’re first real salary paying job is going to be YOUR MONEY! Unlike a lot of us… like when I think of what I want to get paid starting… I calculate a budget which includes rent, groceries, bills, etc, etc, and STUDENT LOADN REPAYMENT. You’re so lucky that won’t be you.
    Maybe you can graduate with your B.A, find a job in LA and go to UCLA part time and if you really like it you can continue and get your masters or BA as I’ve said… but look at other options, don’t transfer now!

  22. Hi Brit,
    If I were you I would not move to LA. I right now have a strong dislike for the school that I am going to but I only have about 1.5 years left and right now I am living at home (but then again I just turned 18) but I actually am getting paid to go to school. I would love to go to this school in NY that offered me a full scholarship also but the thing is that not only would I have to make it on my own and not know ANYONE that is there. There will probably be different issues that I would have to deal with at this school in NY. My advice to you would be to finish that one year then to to UCLA. Finishing school with no debt is always the first thing I look at. You can always go to UCLA for grad school or if you really want that Comm degree get it later in life when you would more easily pay it off or just go there for grad school. But then again, I also think that you should do what you think will truly make you happy. If going to UCLA is what will make you happy even if you end up with debt but you can get the internship and degree you want GO FOR IT!

  23. Brittany, finish your degree first. Find out if spending a semester “abroad” for your internship will be credited to your current degree — where I go to school (UT at San Antonio), Comm majors are required to take a semester internship in order to graduate. You should also find out if there are any internet courses you can take while interning, so you don’t miss out on too many hours during a semester away.

    If you can go this route, then you will be able to get your toes wet in the city of your dreams without jeopardizing your financial situation and your educational progress. Seriously. Every extra semester you take to cross that finish line becomes a greater frustration, and costs you more!

    You say you want to go to grad school, and you are only one year away from your B.A. Perhaps you should consider applying for grad schools in LA, rather than squeaking into an undergrad program that will push back your graduation. If you think people are impressed because you were accepted to an undergrad program at UCLA… Just wait until you tell them you’re going to get your Master’s there!

    Hoping this helps,

  24. Don’t do it! I just recently transferred after my junior year ended. I ended up having to take a semester off,lost credits, and now I have an extra year as an undergrad! Although I did transfer for a different reason (finances-what else) but you should really just stick it out if you. Want things to go the way you planned. This extra year I have to do is killing me financially and in a way socially. So stick it out, you’ll be so glad you did!

  25. I absolutely agree with Josh. L.A. is hella expensive, and what’s one more year in the grand scheme of things? Also, transferring sounds great now…but it’s a pain in the ass…trust me, I’ve been there. You can always go to grad school at UCLA, but don’t underestimate graduating debt-free. It’ll be a huge relief. Best of luck! =]

  26. Brittany,
    You must not give in to the high life at this point in your educational life. One year is only a long time if your sitting n a dentist’s chair or having to walk on crutches, but in your young life to move to LA after you have finished your education you will be able to do more of what you want and if grad school is in the picture you will have time to build residency and not pay out of state tuition. If your current major gets you in a place to rub shoulders with the right people then there you go,, you will have a foot in the door, and better yet, half of LA is in Vegas for the weekend. If your internship works out then when they come to twon you can show them the places that are awesome to go to that only the locals go to. So, my advice is to stick it out. What is a year to a lifetime? Never start out in the hole, rather be whole when you start out!

  27. I am currently a student at UCLA, and while it took me a while I have grown to love UCLA. It is a great school.
    With that being said, I think it is better for you if you stay at UNLV. The chance that you will get into the communications major after being accepted as a Women’s Studies major is practically 0. Communications is one of the most impacted majors here, and transfer students cannot just switch their major from a non-impacted major to an impacted major once they get here if they are accepted only to the non-impacted major.
    Stick it out at UNLV for your final year. At least there you will be in a major you enjoy and will graduate almost debt free.
    Good luck!

  28. Hot dang ! If only I read about this article earlier this article could have been a little bit more useful. I am in the same pickle as our girl Brit, I went to a nobody university and decided it best for my career and time I should go to a well known university. So next fall I have been admitted to that well known university with a pricey out of state price tag.
    But the main reason I am doing the transfer is becasue I truly believe in the program I am in and feel like it will get me higher places.Both proven to me by my fellow classmates and verbally said by my advisor. I know it sounds like a great selling point but, life is too short to always listen to peoples negative speak. Do what you must , I heard debt only makes you stronger.

    Best of luck to all!

  29. I agree with the judges statement about people being proud of your acceptance. After all they don’t have anything to be disappointed about. Plus, if you want to avoid choosing wrong majors or heading off in random directions that aren’t for you, then I’d suggest taking some time to truly analyze your interests, financial aims, and make some goals for yourself. Internships are free labor for many organizations which is more profit for them. Plus if the organization truly does not want to hire you as an intern, go volunteer with them. Hang around until they accept you as a part of the group and adopt you. There are several ways to get the experience you’re seeking form the internship.

    Now most people don’t actually care about finishing college on time any more. However, the whole point of getting a degree is to show that you can have a passion and follow through with it. Of course since you mentioned graduate school its important to have the desire for your field of study because GPA will affect where you can go. But, if you have a decent GPA with women’s studies I’d hang out with comm people, borrow their texts, and read comm books. You can learn as much as you would paying for education and you’d still have a bachelor’s in something.

    Sometimes people take unpaid credit worthy internships without using the credit because internships are useful for work experience, training, and recommendations. I graduated this semester and still got a credit only internship at Georgetown University for the semester that I wasn’t an undergraduate.

    Also, just FYI, from personal experience, I’d advise you to apply for tons of scholarships while you’re still in the university as a senior. Firstly because you’ll be eligible for more options due to your status as a senior, secondly when you’re not in a program it’s hard to come by money beyond working for it, thirdly free money means you wont have to stress about working part-time during or after your internship because you can have a little savings cushion.

    The fact that you got accepted to this internship while you were a Junior means that your resume can get you into another internship if for some crazy reason this group will not need you after you get your degree. Honestly, with your degree you’ll be qualified for the scholarships that screen out people who can’t give undivided attention because they’re pursuing a bachelor’s.

    If you find a paid internship, the scholarship money can be put in a high yield interest savings or invested somewhere else to grow your emergency money account.

    I think you should really heed the judges warning about considering cost of living, instead of debt that can be avoided. There’s something to be said about the benefits of equity and good credit in keeping you on the right path.

    Also, sorry to be morbid and I don’t mean to scare you, but if you choose to put yourself in a position where you may have to live in a dangerous environment, you could put your life in danger or even your finances in danger. Sometimes things get stolen in the ghetto and it would really start to add up if you keep having to clean up after being robbed of your needed possessions, on top of having debt. As for the life thing, well it’s cool to aim for film but if someone out of their mind violently attacks you, you could be hospitalized and suffer trauma or worse, which will really delay your film pursuits. Better safe than sorry.

    Just precautions that shouted out at me. Thanks for letting me spill my guts about my opinions and best of luck to you whatever you decide.

  30. Hello Brittany,
    My name is Ngozi Edeh. I understand what you are feeling right now, because the idea of transfering/moving out of my parents house, often comes to my mind. I would suggest that you go ahead and complete your senior year at UNLV, because you never know whether or not your credits will transfer to UCLA. Plus if they do, you might still have to retake some of your classes so as to meet their performance standards. In so doing, this might hinder you from moving forward/becoming steps closer to graduating. As a fellow college student who will also be in her senior year, I would suggest that you remain in UNLV and maybe attend grad school at UCLA upon graduation. You do not want to look back in your life and regret your decision. I hope this helps and I hope you make the right decision. Best of luck!!!

  31. Brittany hates her hometown of Vegas and wants to move to L.A. She
    wants it so bad that she’s ready to transfer out of UNLV — as a senior,
    with one year left until graduation. Judge Josh says no way.Well,this can happen at times.I think she has the right to make decisions for herself. This decision will affect her life and so far as Brittany feels comfortable leaving Vegas her decision should not offered anyone to say no to it. We should not dictate or make decision for her future but can only make sugesstions for Brittany, she knows what she is doing and no one can understand her feeling towards her hometown of Vegas better than herself.

  32. Hi Brittany,

    I agree with Josh in every point. It just makes sense. And I would add . . . Not just no, but HELL NO!

    Now, please understand, I’m not just some mean guy trying to bum you out – judging by everything you’ve said it really is better that you stick it out where you are until you graduate.

    Josh is right about networking right there in Vegas; and, you never know, it’s not altogether impossible that you will meet people there who are from all over the country (maybe even LA) and who can be instrumental in opening doors that will make your dream a reality.

    By having a degree before you go to LA (if you later choose to go) you will be in a much better position, not only economically (and I mean that also in the sense of earning potential, not just less debt) but also socially and professionally.

    If I were you I would stick it out and I bet the folks behind your internship possibliity in LA will admire your show of committment and integrity by doing so. God bless you Brittany, and I pray you make a wise decision.


  33. I, too, am a senior at UNLV (113 total credits). I know the feeling, and I have transfer paperwork in with several schools. I’m also entertainment (engineering).

  34. Hey I think you already know the answer to what is best for you, to what you want to do, and to what you are going to do. but if I were in your shoes I would just endure the last year of UNLV and take things from there. See you are one of the fortunate ones that aren’t in debt from school and to have that advantage in LIFE is very very rare. Good luck in what you do though

  35. I think it’s pretty obvious that the logical thing to do is to stay at UNLV. While I completely agree with this advice, you need to weigh the pros and cons. I just spent four months working at a full time job, as part of a cooperative education program. This job was in a small town, with no post secondary institutions and I knew virtually no one (not to diss small towns, I’ve heard they only suck when you don’t know anyone). I was living in my boss’s basement, was working illegal hours and really just hated it there. I didn’t quit because I didn’t want to see a big fat fail on my transcript. Now I’m at home and have gained some perspective on the situation. While staying at that job was the logical thing to do, it was so unbelievably emotionally draining, and frankly traumatizing, that I really don’t think I made the right decision. I wish I had quit in the first week. My point is that you don’t always have to make the logical decision. If you can stomach another year at home, then that’s probably the best thing to do. BUT if the idea of another year in Vegas makes you want to curl up and cry or throw a temper tantrum 5 year old style then UCLA might not be the worst thing. I’m not saying do it, but you need to make a decision you can live with. Hope this helps!

  36. It's Me, Brittany!!! (again)

    Lisa- That sounds terrible. I’m sorry you endured such a horrible experience.

    Nick- You go to UNLV and you’re in entertainment?! We should talk, look me up on fb, Brittany Thompson.

  37. whatever you want to do its up to you. follow your heart it will guide you. im going through the same thing i want to transfer out of my hometown, but worried about the road ahead. i have also changed majors im a senior in college i went from nursing to forensic chemistry…. so just follow your heart…
    Amy B

  38. yeah dont do it you have one more yeah and that when your done you can go whereever you want to go and never come back

  39. if moving is vital enough to make you incur a huge debt then go for it. I would weigh the pros and cons of moving and staying and decide whether or not moving out of my mother’s house is at the top of my list of priorities. If its not then i do not have to get to it as soon as possible . Also if the experience at UCLA is worth a huge debt then the debt is nothing compared to the gain

  40. DON’T TRANSFER!! It’s just ONE more year and you’d have a degree! Don’t waste that kind of opportunity because you have ONE chance and once you take that risk to move before finishing that degree, you could screw up the rest of your life!! Finish the degree, THEN move!!

    Tolerating Mother for a year is definitely worth more than going into debt for life! If you have gone through school without a loan, then you are a VERY lucky individual…. Don’t throw that away!

  41. If you finish your current studies and find you want something more, that might explain and help you to further define your career goals. That way, you have one already degree under your belt to start. You begin by laying down a solid foundation with each step planted solidly before you take your next. Maybe it might allow you to position to actually teach something in the school of your choice while you further your studies.

    If you have already been accepted, in Canada, we can usually defer that place for the following year, if we have circumstances to cause a delay.

    But I am recovering from the illusions of my youth. From time to time I begin raging at so many of the decisions I made in my younger years. I wish I had people around me back then to brainstorm or merely call me on my “stuff” to force me to take a long hard look at what exactly I think I am about. My kids watch me clawing my face and crying “Oh. I am such a wimp!” or “What was I thinking?!!!!?” These are the moments of recognition at what I find myself up against to complete my education now. I rail to the world, “Why didn’t someone stop me?” and “Who let that teenager make such critical decisions that would follow me–like a dark shadow for the rest of my life?” “AAAAAggggghhhh…”

    I left home at 15 and was myself a mother by 17.

    I don’t know you enough to tell you what to do with your life. You might have a wonderful life no matter which way you turn… I only know that if I knew then what I have have spent so much time learning over the years, I would have taken more time to objectively examine my motives for each decision. You are young and are learning. You are still enthusiastic and probably fearless about grabbing hold of the future (kind of like a Starship adventure).

    It sounds as if you might be influenced by the novelty of the moment–rather the serious consequences of your actions. But I am 56 and I now have all of the student debt I can’t handle. I watch many of my younger classmates as they try to sort out their thoughts. I see the ones who struggle just to be allowed the opportunity to finish what they have begun. I scramble to develop the resources to cover my student loans. Sometimes, life delivers funny lessons about how we figured that we could always “fix” mistakes in poor judgment at some LATER point in time. It is not always the case.

    I see you as someone very privileged to have the kind of choices you have before you. I wish you lots of luck and great fortune along the way. And I look forward to hearing how you make out regardless of your decision. ~~~ So I hope the site has a long lifespan.~~~

  42. Stay in Vegas. Tough it out. As my mom would say “suck it up cupcake.”
    As a senior myself I can’t understand needing to get out of a city so much as get out of school. If I didn’t remember my response to hearing about people who drop out with a semester left, I’d strongly consider coming back in January. I can’t be one of those stories. So I’m dealing with it and getting my Bachelor’s degree out of the way!

    On that note, if you are so set on UCLA (which I HAVE heard mixed reviews about) why not consider graduate school there? If you don’t quite have the marks, take some time off, find a entry position in a field you’d life (or ANY job these days) and study for the GRE in your spare time. You could do all of this right in LA.
    It sounds like you want to live in LA. That UCLA just appears to be the way in. It’s not. LA has thousands of newcombers every year and (seeing as I am still young) school is just an easy way to meet people. But jobs are too.
    Being debt free sounds like a DREAM right now. I won’t have much, but it will be enough to deter my lowly paid dreams for a while. That idea upsets me more then any poor midterm mark. Stay in Vegas. Deal with your mom. Finish school and then use all that money you won’t be sending to the bank to pay for a crappy apartment while working in LA.
    Sounds easy to me…

  43. If I saw someone transferred in their senior year because they “needed a change” or “hated their hometown” and I was thinking about hiring them I would be very skeptical. Transferring your senior year is a terrible idea. The first thing I would think is you’re someone who quits at the last minute.

  44. If you have been okay in Vegas your whole life, whats a few more months. Big Whoop! Deal with it. Graduate debt free. Keep in mind that if you ditch this late in the game because it appears to be greener on the other side of the fence, you may create the appearance of being unreliable to future employers. No one wants to hire someone who will bail on a whim. It would be better to create the appearance of someone who will stick with a commitment and see it through. Changing majors to something you don’t like and racking up a debt to do it is just crazy talk. The Comm major may be why you are being considered for the internship that you want so badly, changing majors may jeopardize that. Stay where you are!! Graduate! Save your money. Greener pastures will still be there a year from now. You didn’t get this far by being foolish, you will be better off in the long run if you stick with a winning game plan.

  45. Brittany if you want to transfer you should. With transfering out and into another school for your senior year, you will have to work harder then you usually do. You need to make a list of the pros and cons and see which one has more. You need to be able to know that you are making the right choice for your future.

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