Google The Person You’re Writing To, And Try To Dig Up Something Interesting About Him/Her

  • Not scandalous interesting – just something about where the person went to school, last was employed, or something like that. In your letter, work your new knowledge into the letter. You don’t have to be subtle about it – they won’t think you’re a stalker. This is the kind of thing you’re supposed to do before you apply – it shows you care enough about getting the job to spend extra time researching the position and the company.You can be creative about how you work this information into your letter (no example necessary – surely you’ve dropped a hint to someone before, right?). But you can also be very direct, which can work very nicely. Something like this:Dear Ms. Sanchez:

    No team, regardless of its talent, can go far without a strong leader. Companies abound that have a great deal of talent without nearly the requisite leadership to turn that talent into success. I’ve chosen (not “I want” or “I hope to” – that’s wimpy and speculative – “I’ve chosen” means the decision is made, and it’s up to you, Employer, to be smart enough to capitalize on a Total Package like myself) to build my career with a company that’s geared for long-term success, and although we’ve yet to meet in person, I’m confident in saying that you’re the right leader for me. Your rise to Branch Manager at Acme Corporation and your move to become Vice President of Marketing at John Doe, Inc. in 2002 indicates that you’re …………..

    You gotta admit, that’s pretty good. If you were Ms. Sanchez, you’d like me already.

    NOTE: Be sure you’re writing the letter to the person you’d actually be working for, not some HR hack who’s in charge of opening resumes and scanning the high points. Not only would you waste a lot of time if you wrote a personal letter to that person, but lots of people would be laughing at you before you even showed up for an interview, and that’s never good.

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