3 Ways To Screw Up A Web Resume

1) Link to everything you possibly can, regardless of importance. Why list Palookaville State University in your “Education” section of your web resume without hyperlinking it to the PSU home page? Sure, it has absolutely no relevance or useful information for your employer, but why let that stop you?

Same goes for any companies you’ve worked for, any club memberships you’ve listed, teams you’ve been a member of. Do they have websites? Then why not link to them? They’ll draw your employer’s attention away from you and your accomplishments and annoy them for doing so, but it doesn’t matter, because linking is good! Link, link, link!

2) Three words: Logos, logos, logos. Your school has a logo. So do all of the companies you’ve worked for in the past. Why not include them in your Web resume? A computer user’s eye is involuntarily drawn to images, so your potential employer will be forced to pay attention to them whether he/she wants to or not.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to link those logos to their corresponding websites (see item 1). That way, you can have two links to each site instead of just one!

3) Be sure to leave “crumbs” to your private, often embarrassing, personal information. If your Web resume resides on a page of your personal website, be sure to make it easy to find the rest of your site in just a click or two: your party pictures, your blog about which professors you hate, your audio and video files that may or may not be legal, etc.

>> Preserve the image of yourself as a professional AT LEAST until you get the job. (You can tear it down later).

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  1. If someone happens to be completely unskilled in computer language and cannot create a website from scratch; should that individual -me- avoid the web resume all together? Is it acceptable to use a website making service, that will generate a link that likely looks something like this; http://www.fancycompanyname/myusername.com , or is that just too pathetic?

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