When possible, go into detail.

Have I said this before? I believe I have. Most scholarship essays have word limits of some kind, but when possible, don’t summarize the most telling parts of your story. Instead, give details. Don’t simply say that “I work three jobs to get by.” That doesn’t tell me what type of work you’re doing, how many hours you’re working or if it’s really that tough of a life you’re living.

Instead, say “I work 8-5 at my job as a bank teller, after which I work 7 to midnight as a security guard on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the weekends, I work at Blockbuster from 10-6.” A description like that leaves no doubt in my mind that you are one busy individual (and also makes me wonder when you find time to go to class!).

Which way of describing your life more accurately depicts how hard you work? And which do you think will earn you more points with the committee?

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