What to write about? Ask friends what’s impressive about you.

How do you know what to write about on a scholarship essay? If you’re the shy type who doesn’t know how to blow your own horn, then you’re going to find the scholarship application process painful, and especially so when you find out you didn’t win any scholarships because you were too timid to tell the world how deserving you are. Scholarships are their own little popularity contest, albeit with a little more merit factored into the equation. Like any time you’re asking for money from anyone, the scholarship application requires you to sell yourself to a committee of skeptical onlookers (that would be us, the judges). This ain’t the time to be timid or modest. It’s time to talk about why you’re number one.

If you have difficulty figuring out what to write a scholarship essay about, recruit a friend to tell you why you’re worth the investment from the scholarship committee. Sometimes your friends see your best qualities that you miss. After all, that’s why they become your friends, right? Because they see the best in you!

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