Submit your essay in a large envelope.

Preferably a 9″x12″ or even a 10″x13″ envelope so that you don’t have to fold or otherwise crumple your essay to get it to fit. After all, you’ll be going to a lot of trouble to make sure your essay has a very nice appearance, and you don’t want to let it all go to waste by folding it up into a small envelope and letting it sit with the post office for a week.

3 thoughts on “Submit your essay in a large envelope.”

  1. I have a similar question: Would it be alright to put my essay into an expensive, beautiful folder which is placed in a regular UPS envelope?

  2. Josh,
    I like to make envelopes sometimes (but not usually the large ones) out of comics, pretty ads, whatever. A lot of people that have seen them (teachers, friends) love them. Do you think it would be good or bad to submit a scholarship in one of these? I would of course make sure that it’s a strong envelope of course, since the thinner comic paper envelopes have ripped in the past. I think it depends on the type of scholarship foundation, no? If they’re more of the professional type with kind of stock instead of creative prompts I’ll probably abstain from sending my app in unusual envelops.


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