Be careful using voice-to-text software.

Students rarely do this – for now, it seems to be mostly the domain of the high-level business executive who doesn’t like typing. But the technology is beginning to get more sophisticated, and we know that more of you will be using it in the future. Already, we’ll occasionally get an essay that a student dictated using the software. How do we know? Sentences like, “I man igsisting student at Statesville Community College.” That’s not just a misspelling – no one really thinks that’s the way to spell “existing” except a computer. You could perhaps chalk this one up under the same category as proofreading and spell-checking, but I gave it its own entry since it’s actually a piece of software introducing mistakes that you didn’t know about and may not catch unless you pay close attention. Again, however, those are mistakes that another set of eyes reviewing the essay can easily catch.

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